Orcs Must Die! Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Our hero
Before starting we pick our weapons and traps
The orcs break through the doors
Using my sword to give them a good beating
Putting out some floor traps
Orcs getting mashed by the spikes shooting out of the floor
Arrow walls giving the orcs a nasty surprise
New gear is unlocked after completed levels
Combos and kill streaks
Shooting at an exploding barrel
Crossbow orcs can shoot you from far away
Spring traps send the orcs flying - to their death...
An archer in action
Barricades hinder the orcs' movement
Face to face with an ogre
Teleports allow for quick travel across the maps
Someone's getting grinded
Don't let them reach the rift
Oh no, I was lost the level
The push trap
Weavers allow the player to upgrade traps and weapons
Orcs getting fried with fire magic
Flying creatures are tricky since they usually avoid most of the traps
Some levels allow you to take control of a
Fighting a fire ogre
I've updated my crossbow to shoot fire
Using ice magic to freeze the orcs
What's cooking? Some levels have some special traps that can be activated
Using a decoy to trick the enemies
The swinging mace - you don't want it in your head
Lightning magic
A paladin fighting a ogre
I've unleashed a rolling log
Using the wind belt to push orcs into the pits
Come to me!
Good place to archers
You shalt no pass!
Mentor's death
Hard start
Archenemy ....
And her army