Original War Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Choose your side. The game notes that the Russian campaign is intended to be played after the American one.
The intro voiceover is accompanied by sketches that are scribbled, line by line, into this notebook - drawn by main character John Macmillan.
The American soldiers prepare to enter the EON device and travel back in time!
As a nice touch, you get a choice! You're not a quitter, are you?
Aggh - Russians! What are they doing here?
Macmillan meets up with a couple of other soldiers and they explore the surroundings, meeting one of their distant ancestors on the way.
More Russians!
At the end of each mission, you can allocate experience points to increase soldiers' skills in different areas.
Initial objectives for mission 2
Attacking an enemy encampment without sufficient firepower. Characters can die and will not be replaced. It's only 'game over' if Macmillan himself bites the dust.
A better strategy - Avoiding the main camp and hitting this outpost allows us to capture a couple of tanks!
Successfully defeated the force at the main camp
Certain events lead to choices like these. Choose wisely.
A sabre-toothed tiger decides it wants a piece of the tank.