The Outforce Credits (Windows)

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The Outforce Credits

O3 Games

Lead ProgrammingHans Andersson
3D‑ArtistFredrik Ljungdahl, Lars Johansson, Jan Andersson
2D‑ArtistJens Larsson, Theo Savidis
SoundJohan Althoff
ProgrammingJoakim Vingard
TesterMarco Ahlgren


3D‑ArtistUlf Ekelöf, Marcus Jansson
MusicAndreas Nylund, Henrik Olsen
Voice OversAlex Benitez, Caroline Okun, Galmin Tireantvs, Scott Tunes, Emelie Mandle, Lawrence Mackrory

PAN Interactive Publishing / Infinite Loop

Executive ProducerHenrik Eklund
ProducerMagnus Schelin
Localization ManagerÅsa Lundkvist
Assistant ProducerSara Hedin


Lead DesignJens Larsson
3D ModellingJan Andersson, Lars Johansson, Fredrik Ljungdahl, Theo Savidis
Music & SoundJohan Althoff
Lead ProgrammingErik Olofsson
ProgrammingHans Andersson, Magnus Auvinen
LocalisationJohan Althoff

Strategy First Inc.

Executive ProducerJamie McNeely
Marketing ManagerSteven Milburn
Packaging and DesignKenneth Green, Philippe Brindamour, Nicolas Cloutier
Communications ManagerChristina Ginger

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