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Windows version

Main Title
Main Menu
(Intro scene) Some rich guy is buying all the property near the railroad... a typical western story for shootouts
(Intro scene) Their only mistake was to kill your wife and kidnapp your daughter. The penalty for that - total anihilation.
In-game Menu
Gunfight at O.K. Coral
Powerful piece of equipment, that shotgun...
Ice breeze
Nailed him to the wall!..
The bunny bandit makes an appearance
come back you coward
Aarrrgh! Right through the heart
Chickens beware! The law's come back to town
You gotta love destructible things in games like this!
Inside the running train
With you around, all the Wild West undertakers won't be enough
After lighting this, hmm, candle stick, hehe, you better throw it as far is you can. The other way to 'lite' the dinamite stick is to shoot it
It's always good to check things from a far first, rather then just rushing in and waving your guns until you're outta ammo
Entering with a knife in a barrack full of cowboys means one thing only - certain death (unless you have some circus experience in throwing knives)
This is not a shotgun, but it shoots pretty much wider and incorrect, though. For short range recommended
You can always play with map around if you ever get lost... and that's pretty easy in here
Once you find out who really murdered your wife, you won't have heart to leave him alive
Hmm, seems like a crowdy in here, underwater, hehe
Reloading a shotgun
Some fat cowboys can take up to 3 or 4 inprecise shoots, so rather aim in vital points
Ex-Marshall James Anderson - you, seems like a tough guy, huh? Just wait when you see him shoot
Hmm, a mounted minugun... I think I saw it in "The Wild Bunch". The definite eraser, though you get it in the last levels, unless you play in MultiPlayer mode