Written by  :  Buuks (209)
Written on  :  Jun 22, 2001
Rating  :  1.67 Stars1.67 Stars1.67 Stars1.67 Stars1.67 Stars

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It is not bad, it's trash

The Good

Let's think, the graphics... nope, the music... I still have headache. May'be the fact that it is a bit Starcraft (one of my all-time favourites) Oh yeah one thing, the research is well done. There is a lot to research in the game, but your scientist will make the decisions what to research next. And most of the time they do it right. But for the rest nothing goods in the sky for Outlive.

The Bad

How should I begin, first the music. It sounds so tragic that I got the feeling that I will never survive. And when you take a look at the graphics, you see it is a bit out-dated. Even Starcraft looks better and that in a time where graphics is one of the most important things about a game. When they published it 5 years ago, it had a change to become a hit, but now..no. It must compare with Dune II or Z:steel soldiers, which are the strategie-games for now.

The Bottom Line

Only buy it when you get it for free. Or you must be a billionaire who want's to get rid of his money. But in that last case, it is always possible to send me some.