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Windows version

There's a nice bit of scene setting that supports the story about exploration, different factions, etc
Name your player and set the difficulty level
Single player options
Part way through objective 2 I changed the resolution. It made a great deal of difference and the game was much better to look at
Objective 3 at max resolution
The objective here is to harvest Uranium which brings in more cash than iron. Building the processor is no good though unless power stations are built nearby to service it
Power stations must be built near to each other and / or the buildings they supply. Research will increase the range as will building substations
It is also possible to set patrol paths etc to help defend the base. I didn't bother doing this. It's managed by one of the tabs on the right
The first combat objective. I completed this but not before the prisoners opened fire on the tower and got themselves killed
It's not all about robot units, this is an enemy Abominable. The command centre can create ones that are loyal to the player
Vehicles can be bought which costs more but they are ready instantly. The range of units in the market does vary. I wanted another plane and there's not one on offer
It's also possible to form alliances with other players. This is also controlled by a tab on the right. The Orange guys want cash to become allies but it's cheaper than fighting