Outpost Kaloki Credits


Outpost KalokiDeveloped by NinjaBee, a division of Wahho Studios, Inc. 2004
Game designSteven H. Taylor, Brent Fox, Josh Singh, Adam Helps, Alex Hall, … and everyone at Wahoo Studios
ArtBrent Fox, Josh Singh, Scott Maisey
ProgrammingSteven H. Taylor, Dave Edwards, Scott Taylor, Adam Helps, Russ Christensen, Chris Sehy
Music and soundEric Nunamaker
ManagementLane Kiriyama
Feedback and playtestingTyler Carlton, Rex Hale, The Mithril Team
Special thanksMatt, Chad, Kyp, Derek, Michael, and the Mithril Team, David Taylor, Jay Barnson, Kevin Lackey, Rex Hale, Kier, and JohnRen, Jen, Alex, Ada, and Mateo, Ary, Blake, and Derek, Arlette and Kyle, Autumn and Leigha, Tori, Echo, Benji, Emily

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