OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
One of the many Ferraris that you will eventually unlock: The racing 512 BB
Choice of the racing mode: against rivals
Anyone remembers the 'Splash Wave'? How old are you? :)
Pre-race cut scene - All cars are beautifully modeled. They are all officially licensed from Ferrari
A new view: In-car, which works out without problems, comparing to other racing sims
Racing against other Ferrari maniacs and the clock
Drifting is a piece of cake!
Controlling your drift not to loose your car is a whole science!
Racing in the beautiful scenery of the jungle
Every aspect of the classic Outrun is maintained here: Racing through checkpoints
Another beautiful scenery is that of the ancient ruins
In the heartbreaker mode you have to race in style to impress the babe on your side
Based on how well you perform the tricks you get ranks and points for nice impression
Deja-vu? As in the original you get to choose which stage you're going next
I wish my girlfriend got impressed and upraised me every time I drifted like that in reality :)
One of the tricks you have to do is to stay on the red portion of the road for some time in order to be a cool boyfriend
A shot showing the real evolution: The horizon, the road and AMD :)
Racing in beautiful Paris
Feeling the nostalgia?
The scenery is truly magnificent, even more magnificent is that 288 GTO
The end of a leg, this is how well you performed, A is not the best mark by the way
One of the hardest tasks is to go through the cars and cut the yellow line that connects them, all due to poor handling
A beautiful night and a beautiful F40! What more could you ask for?
Being abducted by the UFOs, the task was to avoid them
Note the magnificent lighting effects
Burning out just after crossing the start line
Another classic Outrun nostalgia shot!
Note the water effects and how the girl cheers when you drift with open top models
Another task in hand: You have to overtake the trucks of the convoy with hitting them
The scenic end of a leg
In the showroom you can unlock cars, stages, goals, music and car colors.
You get ranked even if you don't finish the stage.
Just missed the check point.