Over the Reich Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Plane database for reference and planning
Plane database allows for plane compare weapons/range to aid in flight planning
Fly for England, United States, or Germany
Choose instant Dogfights, Historical Missions, or Tour of Duty
Many scenarios of each flight type to select from
Five (5) skill levels
Tour of duty allows for full Campaign mode
Name the Tour of Duty and skill level
You get your mission orders
Select your roster who will go on the mission by skills, rank, etc
Battlemap showing mission flight plan path
Enemy spotted - decide to engage or ignore
Each plane and its action is selected in turn base style
We jumped two (2) P-47's and have the trailer smoking and targeting with another from our flight
Another turn puts us in gun range - select the guns and burst rate
The first P-47 Jug is down and the pilot throws his chute!
The rest of the flight swarm the remaining P-47 Jug and he goes down!
Later in the mission we stumble across a B-24 bomber formation - trailing bomber is on fire/smoking
At the end of our fighter moves - the computer bombers get a chance to return fire!
The bomber gunners have hit one of our pilots planes he is smoking white trail
If the damage is bad enough you might need to take action and bail-out
Picking off the B-24's one at a time... the 2nd bomber is going down in flames!
Mission summary and status after returning home.