Painkiller: Resurrection Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
The cutscenes are done much like in Max Payne - but the story isn't nearly that good.
Loading Screen
The lighting effects are once again blinding.
Whoever build those stairs was rather sadistic.
Looks like another bossfight is about to ensue.
The painkiller is still one of the most powerful weapons in the game.
Collected enough souls to enter demon-mode.
A drunk biker is attacking me with a bottle.
One of the lieutenants of Lucifer's army.
Story's begin
Kill the monk!
Minilake on center of big room.
Monk is prepared to be a blood fountain
Yep. You must find this "gate".
Bodies parts.
underground tunnel with some enemies. Painkiller gun works correctly.
Monster's mode
WTF I see? Oo
I can't see, what i slash...
Hello, I'm here!
Nice ruins.
Time to shoot - enemies have a little trouble.
Another enemy to kill
One of the best action in the game, like a previous painkillers. Rest of Painkiller Ressurection is bad - fatal levels, stupid gameplay resolves....
Shining Crystals
Time to bath
Seconds after massacre. I'm hunter!
As a monster, shaughting the enemy is quite fun.
Purge the unclean! :D
They're still alive... not long!
Horned enemy with staff.
65 souls -> one more, and I became a monster.