Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning aren't so Frightening Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Intro - Sam quietly snacking and working on a puzzle while he watches his favorite show - Pajama Man.
Startled by a sudden lightning flash, Sam scatters puzzle pieces everywhere.
As Pajama Sam, ready to take on Thunder and Lightning, and find some puzzle pieces along the way.
Sam enters the world above.
Pajama Sam 2 title screen
This must be where Thunder & Lightning work.
You'll find these puzzle pieces in some odd spots.
This fellow wants to know if you have an appointment.
Sam seems to have pushed the wrong button and messed up all the weather.
The quest list; Sam has to find these parts and put them where they belong.
Pick a path, Sam, any path.
Thank goodness for the Shrink-O machine...
...or Sam would never be able to fit through the tubes.
Replacing a part isn't always easy, even for Pajama Sam.
This machine makes a lot of different things -
- including rainbows and pots of gold.
Sunshine in a can!
This board game is a little like "Sorry", except nobody apologizes when they bump you off.
Sam goes exploring.
An interactive bathroom! And a view of the pop-up inventory screen
Sam spots a missing part.
Good thing he picked up a few coins.
This guy is really worried about being caught not working.
Guess this would be the board room!
Some fairly silly cartoon that Sam is watching
The entrance to World Wide Weather
Where is Sam in this image? He's just using the box to get himself inside!
A nice jigsaw puzzle not far from being completed
Lots of strange machinery at World Wide Weather
That's where they make liquid sunshine!
This room is dangerous and should only be entered with a helmet on.
The credits screen (1)
The credits screen (2)