Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Otto the anxious boat
Now that Otto know that wood floats, he can get Sam across the water.
The vegetable patch with Sam dressed as a tree
The colorful geysers!
The outhouse and the waterfall
Inside the mine
A room with dancing furniture
A min(e)igame!
A secret passage inside Darkness' house
Look at the electricity - isn't it an image of Putt-Putt? (Unfortunately, inter-game references don't seem too common in Pajama Sam games.)
Comic-styled credits
On the other side of the river
The waterfall - Sam is always enthusiastic about rapids, waterfalls, geysers, and Otto not so much...
...King, however, enjoys risky rides as much as Sam, especially now that he can move again and no longer has a reason to be depressed.
And that's the other solution for the flashlight. Now, having played more of this game, I know it well. It's actually not difficult as an arcade game...
...rather as a puzzle game, until you get used to comparing the gears to the correct one. The new gear simply has to look like the smaller one already installed in the mechanism.
Parts of the mine track go outside of the mine - here Sam & King are riding almost next to the well.
Can you find a sock in this picture? And it's a screen where King doesn't pause, you need to grab a sock (if it's here) while moving.
Learn how to play Cheese & Crackers so that you can play it with Darkness later.
Inside the outhouse. If the flashlight is there, you have to wait until you can get it, still it's a disappointingly simple puzzle. Now I definitely prefer the other one.
The other solution again. At first it's dark behind the number wall, you need to turn on the electricity.
Since Darkness is a personification of Sam's anxieties, his room looks much like Sam's. In some gameplay variants they have two socks of a pair in the same place.