Pandemonium 2 Credits

Real Sorcerers

Lead ProgrammerAndrew Lacey (Let Me Slip Into Something)
Lead ArtistLeon Cannon (Leon)
Lead DesignerZak Krefting (Sunshine)
ProgrammersLisa Ching (Still Foosin' After All These Years), Steve Timson (SlagBoy)
ArtistsMaj Cole (This Is Due When?), Gary Ellington (Yo-Hi), Rodger Ferris (Slippy), Laura Grieve (FloBoots), Freddie Lee (Bronchie), David Renneker (Mr. Dinner), Stephen C. Trusty (Feed Me Cheese), Scott Werner (Disdain for Authority)
DesignersRichard D'Aloisio, Christopher Scholz (Corporate), Reuben Simonson (Kid Flash), Tom Teuscher (The Invisible Man), Caroline Trujillo, Gerald Vera (Gee Money)
Produced byCaroline Esmurdoc (I'm My Favorite Subject), Sam Player (Homer)
Executive ProducerMark Wallace
Virtual Bob 3D Game System Design & ImplementationKen Ford, Fred Ford, Paul Reiche III
Marketing ManagerJim Curry (Weasel)
Additional ArtSteve Kongsle, Technicolor Visionary, Suzanne Dougherty (Susan)
Additional DesignRichard Lemarchand
Stunt ArtistsTerrence C. Falls (Pink Pistolero), David Reyes (Spanky), Mira Soriano (Aphrodite)
Sound EffectsSteve Papoutsis (The Beav), SemiLogic Entertainment, Mark Miller
MusicBurke Trieschmann
Video CompressionMark Miller, Steve Papoutsis (The Beav), SemiLogic Entertainment
Lead TesterAlex Ness (Overflowing Cup Of Human Kind), C. Matthew Prescott
TestersJeremy Bredow (Average White Man), Christopher Bruno (The Hippie), Rolef Conlan (Grampa), Casey Craig (Kid Duper), Damien Lacey (Wear The Dress), Doug Leslie (El Guapo), Daniel Miley (Phone Boy), Billy Mitchell, Sheatiel Sarao (Nickname Censored), Jeffrey Wilkinson (Hey Wilkie), Matthew Young (Egg Foo)
Cast (Fargus & Sid)Martin Ganapoler
Cast (Nikki)Deborah Ben-Eliezer
Voice‑Over DirectingBeth Kaufmann, Smarttalk
Full‑Motion AnimationMondo Media, Keyframe Digital Productions
3D-Models for Full-Motion AnimationZygote Media Group
ManualCarol Ann Hanshaw (Wink)
Special Thanks ToPatrick Bradley (King Tightwad), Jason Garr (The Doggfather), Robert K. Dyer (El Jefe), Steve Groll (Grollio), Kristen Growney, Karl Hagemann (Elvis), Rob Johnson (Freshy), Caryn Nadelberg (Queen Of The May), Brian Silva (Big Country), Chris Stefanetti (Slack), Scott A. Steinberg, Lita Unruh (Hall Monitor)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Xoleras (65913)