Panzer Command: Ostfront Credits

Black Hand Studios Ostfront Team

Executive ProducerRickie Roberson (Rick)
DevelopmentKevin Albright, Eric Babe, Marshall Belew, Lorenz Ruhmann
Content Team - 3D SceneryRyan Crierie, Ben Donaldson (Benpark), Geoff Ketcher (SAF_Biffa), Steven Lorenz (Mobius)
Content Team ‑ MapsBen Donaldson (Benpark), Steven Lorenz (Mobius), Steve Overton (Mad Russian), Rickie Roberson (Rick)
Content Team - 3D VehiclesSteven Lorenz (Mobius), Vito Pentassuglia (JMass), Spellir74
Content Team ‑ CampaignsSteven Lorenz (Mobius), Rickie Roberson (Rick)
Content Team ‑ ScenariosSteven Lorenz (Mobius), Steve Overton (Mad Russian), Rickie Roberson (Rick), Spellir74
Content Team - Infantry and Crew AnimationsSpellir74
SoundPaul Martin (Junk2Drive)
Map Maker Manual, GuidesRickie Roberson (Rick)
VideosRickie Roberson (Rick)
Game Manual And Doc UpdatesPaul Martin (Junk2Drive)
Special Thanks'Stridor', Steven Lorenz (for allowing us to adapt his Panzer War Micro Armour rules)

Matrix Team

Executive ProducerErik Rutins
Art DirectorMarc von Martial
Box and Logo DesignMarc von Martial
Manual Editing and ContentJohn Thompson, Erik Rutins, Sean Drummy
Manual Design and LayoutMarc von Martial
Graphic ArtistsMarc von Martial, Jim Martin, Nicolas Eskubi
Public RelationsSean Drummy
MarketingSean Drummy
Production AssistantAndrew Loveridge
Director of Operations and AcquisitionsDavid Heath
Lead AdministrationLiz Stoltz
Manager of Dealer Relations & Business DevelopmentKarlis Rutins
Customer Support StaffDaniel Heath, Alex Fiedler
Forum AdministrationErik Rutins, Alex Fiedler, Marc von Martial, David Heath
Web-Database Design & DevelopmentAlex Fiedler
Network and System AdministratorAlex Fiedler, David Heath
Social Media ManagerSteve Stafford
PC Support and Network AdministratorLance Stoltz
Quality Assurance LeadErik Rutins
Testing TeamPaul Martin (Junk2Drive), Rickie Roberson (Rick), Ben Donaldson, Steven Lorenz (Mobius), Steve Overton (Mad Russian; With Members Of The Historical Scenario Group), Vito Pentassuglia (JMass), 'Spellir74', John Staudt, Ryan Crierie, Geoff Ketcher (SAF_Biffa), Kevin Prouty (Thewood1), Massimo Rocca (Massimorocca), Patric Foor (Zemke_4), Richard Lloyd (The Plodder), David Finan (Dfinan), Akos Lovaszi (Kineas), Keith Mair (Kam99), Koen Declerq (Koen), John N. Duquette (Bcgames), Brian Martuzas (Toozasl), Eric J. Dinyar (Eniced73), Brad Froehlich (Pushkary), Henk Plaggemars (CafĂ©), Robert Rehbold (DrVonCool), Martin Gregories (GreenAsJade), Bob Fox (Tophat1812), George Reid (Geordie), Vance Strickland (Barthheart), Fehmi Ardali (POMAKLI), Patrick Taylor (dieseltaylor)
Special ThanksTo Our New Colleagues At Slitherine Ltd.:, J. D. McNeil, Iain McNeil, Marco A. Minoli, Philip Veale, Andrea Nicola, Richard Evans, Christian Bassani
Matrix NexGenAlexander Rutins, Andrew Heath, Nicholas Heath, Shane Heath, Austin Stoltz, Noah Stoltz, Jesse Stoltz, Heidi Fiedler, Blake Fiedler, Harold Dupree
Our StrengthWe thank God for giving us the ability and strength to complete this projectand follow our dream., We would also like to thank our families and friends for giving us their non-stop love and support during this project.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (172779)