Panzer Elite (Special Edition) Credits

Wings Simulations Team

ProducerTeut Weidemann
Lead DesignerTeut Weidemann
Lead ProgrammerHeiko Schröder
3D EngineHeiko Schröder
AI ProgrammingMarkus Oberrauter
Direct 3D supportMarkus Oberrauter
Front EndChristian Rogge
Campaign systemChristian Rogge
Multiplayer and InstallationJörg Meister
Lead ArtistEric Cochonneau
High Resolution Camp ScreensEric Cochonneau
Cockpit ArtCelal Kandemiroglu, Eric Cochonneau
High Detail TanksREM Infografica, Bastian Hoppe, Andreas Escher
In Game VehiclesAndreas Escher
In Game ObjectsEric Cochonneau, Dirk Dobbert
Additional Art byBone Buddrus, Joachim Walther, Marco Krichel
Lead ResearcherMatthias Siedlaczek
Lead Scenario DesignerMatthias Siedlaczek
Scenario DesignHartwig Nieder-Gassel, Matthias Siedlaczek, Frank Lenzer, Thomas Brendel
Additional Landscape DesignHolger Holder, Bastian Hoppe
Lead TesterDavid Buell, Fion Kelly, Michael J. McConnell, Holger Netthoefel, Glenn Lee
Special MP TestingMichael J. McConnell
Additional TestingJames Cobb, John Sponauer, Scott Kiefer, Peter von Kleinsmid, Jamie Waters, Ian Campbell, Mike Dunn, Jamie Fullerton, Rainer Rhode, John Waters, Jim Taylor
Manual byChris Keeling (U.S. Military Intelligence)
Additional EditingScott Kiefer
In cooperation withPanzer Museum; Münster/Germany, Patton Museum; Kentucky/USA
Historical Maps provided byGeocenter Stuttgart, ILH Germany, Bundesarchiv Freiburg
Thanks toChris Keeling (for research support), Members of www.Tankers.Net[for their support], Tim Orosz (for pointing us to the Patton Museum), Herr Thiel and Feldwebel Guddat of the Panzer Museum[for the patience], Charles Lemons (at the Patton Museum for his support),[for their support],[for their support], Marc Dulz (for the metal Tiger tank), Magus Imperialis Magicus MiM[without them the game would be on time], Archive footage copyright Pathe Television France - Supplied by ITN Archive
Copyright 1999, 2000, 2001 byWings Simulations GmbH, JoWood Productions Software AG

JoWood Productions Software AG

PublishingReiner Machauer
International ProductionFritz Neuhofer
MarketingGeorg T. Klotzberg
Product ManagementManfred Albrecht
Graphics & ArtworksSabine Schmid, Peter Bardeck
Special Thanks to thePanzermuseum Munster; Munster/Germany;

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