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Back Cover (US):
    I am a young hacker in a futuristic hi-tech, cyberpunk world with a higher than average IQ (which I usually count as a blessing but today it feels more like a curse). I will not forgo my five senses and live a life of depravation. I have been labeled as rebellious and anti-social (at least by CyberBrain standards). I am not willing to accept this virtual new style of life and refuse to defer to CyberBrain's rule. I spend most of my time hacking for answers but this time I admit I may have gone too far...

    The following is a CyberBrain approved data transmission...

    Future. The year is 323 of the New Era. Man has long since reached the stars, colonized Mars, overpopulated, over-used the earth. Faced with global ecological destruction, leading scientists created CyberBrain - a supercomputer that solved all the global problems and turned the Earth into Paradise.

    Or at least that's what THEY tell you.

    There haven't been any wars or major conflicts for centuries. World peace has finally been achieved with the implementation of CyberBrain that controls the world for the benefit of all mankind.

    This is what THEY want you to believe.

    Life on Earth is calm and peaceful. There is no war. There is no more pain. There is no more conflict. There are no more governments - Earth is united under CyberBrain that calculates all possibilities and makes the right decisions for all.

    "For all?" Maybe THEY have the masses fooled, but not me!

    Socialization is an unnecessary thing of the past as CyberBrain has introduced a new and improved networked, virtual style of life - people no longer interact in the real world. People no longer want to. Everything is experienced in the universal network called CyberSpace where one can enjoy sex, fishing, sports... with all of he pleasure and none of the pain. Everyone is happy. All are welcome. Welcome to Paradise.

    Like little lambs to the slaughter. No thanks. If this is Paradise, THEY can keep it. I want no part of it.

    Sometimes Paradise isn't always what it's cracked up to be...

  • Sci-Fi based RPG\Tactical strategy game that is played in a vivid isometric-based 3D world including a revolutionary & immersive free-floating camera.
  • Weapons, Ammo & Implants: automatic pistols, rifles, grenade-launchers, rocket launchers, heavy armored battle suits & implants of Hi-Tech cyber-devices, which enhance your character abilities.
  • Completely open ended non-linear mission structure. Actions and choices in a current mission will dictate the order of all upcoming missions.
  • Realistic physics model. All object can be destroyed, including deformable terrain.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66891) on Mar 24, 2004.