The Path Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu - select one of the girls.
Introduction: the path from above
Title screen
Ginger walks down the path towards the house.
Grandmother's house looks far from inviting.
First chapter completed, but not in the best possible way (Dutch version).
The white girl leads Ginger back to the path.
Call home to return.
Exploring a field of flowers.
A cutscene sequence in the field of flowers
Ruby is fifteen and she prefers the dark side of life (Dutch version).
Ruby has an idea.
A cutscene with a teddybear
Someone offers Ruby a smoke.
One of the many strange sequences in grandmother's house
Didn't you see that car somewhere else? Think of a connection with the sister you're playing.
Rose is next to her grandmother.
Scarlet reminisces at an abandoned theatre (Dutch version).
Scarlet hugs the white girl, thanking her without words.
A glimpse of the inventory, though that's not even the right way to call it.
Scarlet in a ravaged scene
Robin chases a bird into the woods.
She found a balloon!
Cutscene sequence
Carmen lights the fire.
There is something odd about this picture.
At the graveyard with Rose, there is a glowing flower in the distance.
Ginger found a white tree.
This is the colour palette you'll see most often during the game. Here Ginger found a television that appears to work without electricity.
Someone took along the scarecrow's head. And now the crows are back.
Robin watches over the playground.
On the swing
Parts of the actions are mirrored vaguely on the left side of the screen.
Scarlet discovers a bath tub.