Patrician III (Windows)

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Patrician III Credits

Ascaron Entertainment

Concept and Project ManagementDaniel Dumont
Programming ManagerBernd Ludewig
Programming Martin Mayer, Matthias Schiller, Michael Guthe, Peter Grimsehl, Ulf Winkelmann, Ralf Rüdiger, Bastian Rolf
Graphics ManagerChristoph Werner
Graphics ArtistsMarco Zeugner, Jörg Laurien, Monika Krawinkel, Anca Finta, Jost Schweinfurther, Mark Külker
Testing ManagementJörg Beilschmidt
TestersRoman Grow, Adrian von Pokrziwnitzki, Markus Reiser, Mirko Worsley, Marcel André Schalamon, Mario Endlich, Lars Berenbrinker, Peter Luber
Sound ManagementDag Winderlich
SoundHenrik Hobein
Music CompositionYanco
Additional Effects and MixRoman Grow, Dag Winderlich
Voice RecordingsM&S Music, Jordan Russell
Renderings The Light Works
English VersionTim Plöger
Technical DirectorKay Struve
English ManualAlan Wild, John Foelster (English review)
ProducerHolger Flöttmann
Product ManagerAlan Wild (International)
International Sales & DistributionRoger Swindells
Special Thanks toRainer Decker (Dr.), Michael Bhatty (Dr.), the participants of the Patrician forum, beta testers whose contributions and ideas have made the Patrician sequels possible

Encore Software

Development Manager / ProducerKevin Hoekman
QA SupervisorFadi Awed
QA TeamAndrew Simpson, Ron Duke, Omar Castillion
Vice President of MarketingJill Griffin
Vice President of Licensing & Business DevelopmentRichard Lowenthal
Director of MarketingBetsi Shepherd
Director of Public RelationsLinda Duttenhaver
Product Marketing ManagerDennis Roy, Candice Uyloan
Creative Services ManagerTom Donner
Special Thanks toMichael Bell, Ken Sepulveda, Dave Worle, Dawn & Brittany

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Credits for this game were contributed by Stillman (7510)