Patrician III Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen from intro
Intro telling the story of Patrician I and II
Intro: passing the book Patrician II to III
Main Menu
Lots of options to choose from
Several different campaigns to play
Sea Map
Lots of weather effects like fog, snow, leaves falling etc.
Trade screen: buy low and sell high
A warning of pirates
With enough reputation and money you can become a trader
A snowy day in Riga. Patrician 3 brings a lot of eye candy to the table.
Riga is under siege.
Riga didn't hold well against the mercenaries besieging it. They managed to steal goods and take them out of the town.
Visby had better luck. Their swordsmen (blue) are chasing off the attackers.
One of the company overview screens.