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Patrician IV: Conquest by Trade (Windows)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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5 point score based on user ratings.

Patrician IV: Conquest by Trade Credits

Gaming Minds Studios

Creative DirectorDaniel Dumont
Technical DirectorKay Struve
CoderBastian Clarenbach, Bernd Ludewig, Dennis Bellmann, Jochen Hofmeier, Matthias Muschallik, Michael Offel, Peter Grimsehl, Stephan Hodes, Ulf Winkelmann
GraphicChristian Zajac, Daniel Lieske, Guido Neumann, Mark Külker
Additional Game DesignDaniel Scollie
Special Thanks tothe members of and all betatesters of Patrician IV


Sound, Music & ImplementationRocketaudio, Dag Winderlich
QASebastian Walter
Intro & RenderingThe Light Works, Tobias Richter, Oliver Nikelowski, Arne Langenbach, Jennifer Marx, Iring Freytag
Additional Interface DesignChristoph Werner
Additional RenderingsRealmforge Studios, Christopher Mertig
Additional ModellingRealmforge Studios, Florian Schweinbenz
IllustrationsAnca Adelina Finta, Realmforge Studios, Viktor Linke
Portions of this software are included under license ©Scaleform Corporation
UsesFMOD Sound System, Firelight Technologies
Havok ©Copyright Inc.

Kalypso Media Group

Managing DirectorsStefan Marcinek, Simon Hellwig
Head of Publishing GermanyHenner Bruhn
Product ManagersJoachim Wegmann, Timo Thomas, Dennis Blumenthal
Head of MarketingAnika Thun
PR DepartmentMark Allen, Ted Brockwood, Stefan Marcinek
Kalypso Media UKAndrew Johnson, Mark Allen
Kalypso Media DigitalCharlie Barrett
Kalypso Media USAMario Kroll, Ted Brockwood, John Tullock, Michael de Rienzo
Packaging & LogoJoachim Wegmann
ManualSimone-Desiree Riess
WebsiteAnna-Maria Heinrich
Cover ArtistTobias Mannewitz (KARAKTER)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (124568)