Paws & Claws: Pet Vet Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu.
Selecting your character.
The beginning tutorial.
Here's your practice which can be slowly upgraded as you make more money.
Go into your office computer to check out your inventories.
Change your outfits for different occasions.
Taking a look around your property. There are some supplemental buildings which you can build. Here's where you can make a Small Animal House.
Go to town for supplies, advertising, and training.
Select your items from the pharmacy.
Examining a budgie.
In the treatment screen. Here's where you get to put ointment on, give needles to or swab the animals.
There's also a small lexicon filled with information about the various animals you will treat.
Examining a rabbit.
The upgraded practice.
The Small Animal House in it's first stage.
The Cathouse.
Buying a horse!
Here's where you see stats of various horses for sale.
Checking up on the inpatients.
Fully upgraded practice.
Checking up inside the Cathouse.
Taking a pony ride.
That's gotta be unsanitary.
Examining a dog.
Examining a cat.