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Pearl Harbor: Defend the Fleet Credits

WayForward Technologies

Programmed byRaymond L. Maple
Additional ProgrammingMichael W. Stragey, Ian Wakelin
ArtistsJason Hitchens, Sam Khorshid, Cole Phillips, Andrew Swihart
Sound DesignRobert Tuohy
Voice OverBrook Chalmers
MusicRon Sures
ProducerDerek Dutilly
DesignerDerek Dutilly
Executive ProducerJohn Beck
Tyrannical OverlordVoldi Way
Special ThanksAmy Maple, Linda Wang, Brooke Knappen, Ketti Johnston, Angelica Danan, Pie Head, and the entire WayForward family
Dedicated toFoster Dog ... You'll be missed

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (155314)