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Penumbra: Black Plague (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Penumbra: Black Plague Credits

Frictional Games

Lead ProgrammingThomas Grip
Additional ProgrammingLuis Rodero Morales, Edward Rudd
Lead GraphicsAnton Adamse
GraphicsMarc Nicander, Abyss Lights Studio
Additional GraphicsEmil Meiton, Fredrik Marqvardt, Troy A Gusler II, Niklas Mattison, Pontus Wåhlin, Jeffery M Smith
SoundJens Nilsson
Additional SoundNoisaurs
MusicMikko Tarmia
Level ScriptingJens Nilsson, Thomas Grip
Written byTom Jubert
Additional TextsMikael Hedberg
Voice TalentsBram Floria (Philip/Prisoner), Bob Barnes (Eloff Carpenter), Nancy C. Roberts (The Narrator), Robert Pike Daniel (Clarence), Emma Adam (Amabel Swanson), Sam A. Mowry (Dr Richard Eminiss), Lani Minella (Hive Mind)
Intro and Promotional ArtDanny Antivalidis
Special Thanks toNewton Game Dynamics, Angel Code, Near and dear for all support
Beta TestingDavid Rosen, Chris Bates, Cédric Guillemet, Snowball Studios
Thanks toAngel Script

Paradox Interactive

PresidentTheodore Bergquist (credited as Theodore Bergquist)
CEOTheodore Bergquist (credited as Theodore Bergquist)


Snowberry Connection/Technical ProducersMike Bruhanov, Vitaly Klimov

Paradox Interactive

Executive ProducerFredrik Wester


Snowberry Connection/QAPavel Nechaev, Viatcheslav Erofeev (credited as Slava Erofeev), Nikita Pavlutin, Alexander Souslov, Vladimir Tortsov, Alex Zdorov

Paradox Interactive

CFOLena Eriksson


Snowberry Connection/CreativeViatcheslav Erofeev (credited as Slava Erofeev), Pavel Nechaev, Nikita Pavlutin, Alexander Souslov, Vladimir Tortsov, Alex Zdorov

Paradox Interactive

VP Sales & Marketing USReena M. Miranda


Snowberry Connection/Business DevelopmentSergei Klimov, Ekaterina Nemova

Paradox Interactive

MarketingSusana Meza Graham (credited as Susana Meza), Sofia Forsgren
PRSusana Meza Graham (credited as Susana Meza), Sofia Forsgren
Product ManagerJosefina Larsson
Art DirectorStefan Thulin
Business DeveloperErik Helmfridsson
Localization ManagerFlorian Santer
Q&AChristopher King (credited as Chris King)
LocalizationS&H Entertainment Localization
EditingRyan Newman (at Digital Wordsmithing)
Copy writing2 Coats, Martin Korda
Thanks to our partnersSnowball[Russia], Koch Media[Germany& UK], Paradox Scandanavian Distribution[Scandanavia], Special thanks to all our forum members partners and supporters who are integral to our success

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