Perfect Ace: Pro Tournament Tennis Credits

Aqua Pacific

Head of ProductionPaul Ranson
Technical DirectorPaul Ranson
Project ManagerDiane Graham
ProgrammingCraig Weeks, Dave Knight, Garry Hughes, Ravin Tharanee
Character modellingSimon Dew
Character animationSimon Dew
Court designAlan MacFarlane (Mocomedia Ltd), Deepfried Limited, Simon Dew
Character motion capture and cinematic sequencesSimon Dew
Clothing designIvelina McCartney
MusicCraig Weeks
Sound effectsCraig Weeks
Motion capture artistsJames Davidson (Jimy Diesel), Steen Young (Stunt Artist), Jason Goodall
Motion capture studioAudio Motion Ltd
Frontend Design and ArtworkCraig Weeks, Simon Dew
Award Winning Music fromthe 'PBTM' music library
QA testingRavin Tharanee, Ian Weddell, Paul Nisbett
CommentaryTom Clarke-Hill
LocalisationBabel Media
Audio TechnologyDolby Surround
RenderWare Graphics byCriterion Software Limited
Photo realistic characters byDigimask Ltd
Special thanks toJames Davidson (for his help and advice on all matters relating to the game of tennis)

Oxygen Interactive

PublisherOxygen Interactive
Managing DirectorJim Scott
PR ManagerVickie Peggs
Marketing ManagerVickie Peggs
Design ManagerPhillip Fey
Production ManagerPhillip Fey
Sales ManagerEd Gilmour
QAPaul Nisbett, Trevor Baker

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (204278)