Peter Pan in Disney's Return to Never Land Credits

Disney Interactive

Produced byChaun J. Ralls (credited as Chaun Ralls)
Senior ProducerScott Cuthbertson
Vice President Product Development, ConsoleDan Winters
Concept ArtKen Christiansen
Marketing ManagerMike Breslin
Associate Marketing ManagerDavid Arnspiger
Supervisor Quality AssuranceDouglas Jacobs
QA Project LeadJames Collard
QA Test TeamJustin DeCrow, Eitan Levine, Steve Lewis, Jonathan M. Martinez (credited as Jonathan Martinez)
QA Technology TeamScott Torroll (Supervisor QA Technology Team), David Yeung (Project Lead Windows), Mario Donis, Emil Haghnazarian, Brian Haynie, Caesar Infante, Jaime Serrano
QA Operations and Support TeamSusan Carne, Susan Flores
Localized byKirsten Chidley, Philippe Juton
Special ThanksDisney Interactive Staff, Stéphan Gonizzi, Térence Mosca-Toba, Carole Degoulet
Disney Character Voices StaffDouglas Carrigan, Randy Coppinger, Rick Dempsey, Rita Kedineoglu, Ned Lott, Beth Glenday
With the Voice Talents ofBlayne Weaver, Corey Burton, Jeff Glenn Bennett, Spencer Breslin, Quinn Beswick, Bradley Pierce, Aaron Spann, Sean Blocks, Brian George, Jonathan Freeman, Rob Paulsen, Megan Parlen, Melissa Disney
Original Songs From Disney's Peter Pan Motion PictureYou Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!, Sammy Cahn (Words by), Sammy Fain (Music by), Follow the Leader, Winston Hibler (Lyrics by), Ted Sears (Lyrics by), Oliver Wallace (Music by), Never Smile at a Crocodile, Jack Lawrence (Words by), Frank Churchill (Music by)
Music for Game Re-recorded byPhilippe Codecco, Guillaume Saurel
Video Editing and CompressionForward Never Straight Productions
Audio EditingSonic Boom Sound Productions
Manual ContentMars Publishing Inc, Parents Guide Press

Donki Denki

Studio DirectorPascal Stradella
ProducerOlivier Gaudino
Game Design managerMarc Albinet
Programming ManagerDenis Dufour
Animation ManagerBénédicte Peyrusse
3D Department ManagerEmre Yaliniz
Scenery Programming ManagerPierre Bracconi
Art DirectorJean-Marie Godeau
Code LeadJean-Christophe Capdevila
Main Game DesignerChristophe Garnier
Game Design WritingPascal Cammisotto, Christophe Garnier
Production AssistantBenjamin Bonnefille
2D Artwork and 3D Set ConstructionGaël Chaize, Pedro Fernandez, Fabien Gallégo, Lionel Grandclément, Donatienne Henno, Caroline Lacrouts, Jean-Jacques Poncet, Olivier Roos, Eric Skoura, Albert Videt
ProgrammersEric Avanzato, Jean Vincent Lamy, Gilles Marion, Benoit Mayaux, Piotr Zambrzycki
PC Programmers Denis Roussel, Vincent Coste, Mikael Muller
Scenery ProgrammingRomuald Beaucamps, Pacome Magnin, Laurent Chartrey
FMV DirectorPascal Cammisotto
FMV Art DirectorPierre Bracconi
FMV SupervisorStrad
FMV and In-Game Character ModellingVincent Beaufrére, Roxan Carle, François Delnord, Damien Pougheon
FMV and In-Game Character AnimationVincent Beaufrére, Roxan Carle, François Delnord, Anatole Huynh Van Phuong, Xavier Lacombe, Damien Pougheon, Jean Christophe Serme, Jean Baptiste Vandamme
FMV LightingRenaud Roullet
FMV CompositingCédric Grech, Leon Delay, Jean-Philippe Maras
FMV StoryboardsYann Le Pon
MusicPhilippe Codecco, Guillaume Saurel
Sound EffectLaurent Frick
TesterBruno Marion, Laurent Chartrey
Made withNC2tech
Special thanks toAnne-Marie Bacso, Anna Khmelevskaya

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