PGA Tour Gold Credits (Windows)

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PGA Tour Gold Credits


Lead DesignJosh Book
Lead ProgrammingDana Tom
ProgrammingAdam Bellin, Clarence Co, Anne-Lise Hassenklover, Jeff A. Lefferts, Ron Marchi, Christopher Mioni, Kyle Smith
Level / Scenario DesignLance Alameda, Logic Ma, Laura Mendiola, Rebecca Tseng, Barbara Wong
Libraries / UtilitiesFrank Barchard, Patrick Ratto, Gerry Shaw
Graphics / ArtworkCatherine Benante, Roseann Mitchell, Julie Moll
MusicBruce Arnold, Mark Jonathan Davis, Russell Lieblich
SoundMarc Farly, Ken Felton
Cover PhotosSam Greenwood
PackagingNancy Waisanen
DocumentationAndrea Engstrom, Corinne Mah
MarketingScott Gummer
Executive ProducerRichard Hilleman, Sam Nelson
ProducerSteve Cartwright
Associate ProducerDanny Pisano
Assistant ProducerJeni Day, MaryAnn Fabian
Writing / Dialogue / StoryMonique Le
Acting / VoiceoversPamela Chiappe, Glenn Chin, Doris Lee, Vandee Lee Furuya, Ron Marchi, Cindy Reed, Jonathan Sell, John Shrader

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Credits for this game were contributed by Tony Van (2856)