PGA Tour Pro Credits (Windows)

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PGA Tour Pro Credits


Lead Software EngineerDana Tom
Software EngineersClarence Co, Jeff A. Lefferts, Kyle Smith, Adam Bellin, Anne-Lise Hassenklover, David Holcombe, Ron Marchi
Production DesignerJosh Book
Course DesignLance Alameda, Logic Ma, Barbara Wong, Laura Mendiola, Intelligent Games
AnimationRoseann Mitchell, Catherine Benante, Julie Moll, Susan Poelestra
Video ProductionMaryAnn Fabian, Jeni Day
Executive ProducersSam Nelson, Richard Hilleman
ProducerSteve Cartwright
Associate ProducerDanny Pisano
Assistant ProducersBrian Reed, Jeff Hasson, Caroline Petrook
Additional GolfersCindy Reed, Vandee Lee Furuya, Glenn Chin, Kirk C. Scott
CaddiesJonathan Sell, Pamela Chiappe, Ron Marchi, Doris Lee
AnnouncerJohn Shrader
ScriptMonique Le
AudioMarc Farly, Ken Felton
Music Engineered and Composed byRussell Lieblich
MusiciansRussell Lieblich, Mark Jonathan Davis, Bruce Arnold
Music Recorded atLieblich Sound Design Studios New York
Voice over recorded atThe Music Annex
Tools and LibrariesFrank Barchard, Gerry Shaw, Patrick Ratto, Andrew Brownsword
Lead Product AnalystBilly Delli-Gatti
Product AnalystJonathan Sell
Product TestersJoe O'Leary, Robert Aguirre, Matthew Taylor, David Jimenez
Compability TechniciansJesse Abney, Chris Lamb, Nathan Cummins
Quality Assurance Supervisor EASMJoel Knutson
Quality Assurance Lead EASMJohn Hanley
Quality Assurance Testers EASMBurhan Haile, David Koerner
Quality Assurance Leads EACChris Capell, Darcy Pajak, Benson Nair
Quality Assurance Testers EACKen Boutilier, Connor Dougan, Steve Kuchka, Mark Lawson, Brian Spence, Jason Schoen, Alistair Dejonge, Casey Bourque, Wade Lindley, Michael MacDonald, Mark Bayrock, Wendy Fletcher, David Tong, Richard Barrett, Randy Parmar, Brandon Gill
QA Co‑OrdinatorSteve Livaja
QA Mastering EacPeter Petkov, Cary Chao, Jeff Hutchinson
QA Tech EacBill Kim, Colin Cox, D'Arcy Gog, Paul Breland, Jason Feser, Chris Wallace, Zech Prinz
European Product ManagerGary Knight
European Package DesignTim Milner
Package Art DirectionNancy Waisanen
DocumentationAndrea Engstrom
Documentation LayoutTom Peters
Production AssistantPamela Chiappe
Special ThanksJeff Monday, Rebecca Tseng, Ken Koch, Victor Von Beck, Shelley Armstrong, James Becker, Bala Coomandur, Michael Cooper, Marc Fluhrer, Marc Rafferty

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (204278)