Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu under Windows (has some extra options comparing to DOS Main Menu)
You room, the point where you start your game... when you eventually do wake up ;))
You can closely examine every item in your inventory.
Reading a mail in your living room.
Map with locations of your possible movement.
Curtis at work
Browsing through your inventory (holding a mouse pointer ovr a certain thing will write you what it is).
You'll realize some strange things will start to happen at your working place, so you'll start to investigate a bit.
Talking to your boss, and explaining him why are you late to work (rat stole your wallet and that kinda things).
Curtis is always kinda repulsive towards his girlfriend when in public, you'll find out why is it so.
Your working desk - phoning, writing emails and doing such things.
A rival to your girlfriend affair, and very dangerous one
Talking to your friend at his cubicle
replying to emails is always a fun, plus there are many directories to deal with, beside.
Talking to your best buddy about some paranormal events you encountered.
There is a certain bond between Jocilyn and Curtis without any doubts.
Your girlfriend, Jocelyn
Up close and personal scenes like this one are one of those that won't lack during the game.