PhysX Extreme Unreal Tournament 3 Mod-Pack Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

CTF Maps Lighthouse & Tornado
Tornado_PhysX loading
Game start - A random moving tornado is constantly wondering through the level
As it randomly travels the level it wrecks buildings and throws objects everywhere which will PhysX kill you
I'll hold my position and here comes debris now
Needless to say I was squashed
The tornado is almost on a teammate
An next he is tossed away
It has a constant debris cloud around it
Lighthouse_PhysX loading
Areas of the floor and walls can be removed during the game to create traps or short-cuts to the flags
Couple of quick shots and new hole
Rocket shot into a wall
Opens a new exit point
Center point in the map with wooden planks
A few quick shots and now the next time they run through... oops!