Pictureka!: Museum Mayhem Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Loading screen
Main menu
Comic book intro
Characters dialogue
First stage
Game start
Game summary
"Things in a kitchen"
Vault breach
Fighting the burglar.
Thief arrested.
Color streak
Stage complete
Another exhibit
Commercial shipping exhibit
"People", "Things that can fly"
Unveiling the exhibit.
Second stage
"Legs", "Things in space", "Hair"
"Things in space", "Things you eat", "Noisy things"
"Tools", "Sports things", "Stars"
The Legendary Knight Owls
Gardening Gnome
"Stars", "Animals", "Electric cables with plugs"
"Animals", "Things that can fly", "Things you can sit on"
"Things that can fly", "Things in a kitchen", "Tools"
"Hair", "Fingers", "Things that can fly"
"Head coverings", "Sharp things", "Things from the sea"