Piglet's Big Game Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Going to Rabbit's house - Piglet spots a haycorn!
Piglet's scrapbook, where he draws pictures about the day's events, and keeps track of items for the soup
Here we are at Rabbits house; whose tail is that?!
Making the Very Large Soup
Wish you could hear these birds!
Tigger, bouncing...
Another haycorn for the pot
At Owl's house
Here's Pooh and the Woozle Trap
Kanga and Roo's picnic, but where are they?
Piglet and Eeyore discussing thistles
Paint Eeyore's pictures or click on the scrapbook and paint Piglet's
Fixing a broken honey jar. Hmmm, where to start?
The notebook is looking pretty good!
Handing in the soup fixings!
Friends enjoying the fruits of Piglet's labors...
The End!
Russian title screen
In-game menu (in Russian)