Pingus Credits (Windows)

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Pingus Credits


lots of gfxIngo Ruhnke (
level designIngo Ruhnke (
project maintainerIngo Ruhnke (
programmingIngo Ruhnke (, David M. Turner, David Flores
maintainer of the Windows version for Pingus 0.4.0Michael Käser
most of the pingus (floater, walker, ...)Joel Fauche (
some gfx (rock tile, weed, traps)Michael Mestre (
some pingu gfx(digger, tumbler, bridger2)Craig Timpany
trapsCraig Timpany
lots of great levelsCraig Timpany
first pingus Mailing ListJules Bean
RPM version maintainerDavid Philippi
Sound code, input code, include cleanup, lots and lots of code cleanupDavid Philippi
A little BannerJohnny Taporg
another Banner for the pingus homepageThomas Prokosch
Programming (misc)Robert Wittams
Programming (Blocker)Werner Steiner
music (data/music/gd‑*.{it,s3m})H. Matthew Smith
music (data/music/pingus‑*.it)Joseph Toscano
RPM PackagesMagnus Norddahl
miner, stopperStefan Stiasny (
shotgun, bazookerAlan Tennent
Some fontsKenneth Gangstø
lots of Win32 help and testingKenneth Gangstø
Programming (forces)Peter Todd (
armageddon button animationDavid Fauthoux (
GFXDavid M. Turner, Tom Flavel
fixed the bridgerDavid Flores
Editor Icons (riped out of gnome-stock)Tuomas Kuosmanen (
???Keir Fraser
Lots of namespace clean ups, Spellingmistake fixups, iostream fixupsFelix Natter
Menu, Title pictureMark Collinson
levelsTom Flavel, Michael Wand, Jens Henrik Goebbert, Philippe Descamps
libxml entryBernhard Trummer
caimagemanipAndrew Mustun, Benjamin Winkler
see xpenguins,superman, angelRob Gietema, Robin Hogan
music (success_*.it,,, Sucupira
Font reworked, ToDo Manager, gettext patchesGiray Devlet, Cagri Coltekin
Lots of action fixesGervase Lam
Win32 Port for Pingus 0.5.0Alberto Curro
some fixes for Win32 PortMattias Andersson
Misc win32 fixes/cleanups/etc.Björn Christoph Fischer, Neil Mitchell
Misc little compile patchesGiuseppe D'Aqui'
MemLeak at application shutdown fixesHenri Manson
TranslationMilan Babuskov (Serbian translation), Philippe Saint-Pierre (French translation), Karl Ove Hufthammer (Norwegian Nynorsk translation)
SDL portingJason Green, Jimmy Salmon, Michael Ploujnikov, Nehal Mistry

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