Pirate Hunter Credits


ConceptDaniel Dumont
Project ManagementDaniel Dumont
Lead Graphic DesignMarco Zeugner
Lead TesterLars Berenbrinker
Programming (Simulation, Logic and Missions)Peter Grimsehl
Interface and Town GraphicsRalf Rüdiger
Sea BattlesThomas Mohr
3D GraphicsMichael Kopietz, Bernd Ludewig
Graphics (Ships, Battles and Effects)Patrick Lubbers, Mark Külker
Town ViewMarco Zeugner, Christian Fisher, Animation Arts
InterfaceAnca Finta
Sea ChartRobert Palme
Video SequencesStephan Hoffmann
Quality Assurance ManagementLars Berenbrinker
Quality Assurance GameplaySebastian Neuhaus
Quality Assurance HardwareMarkus Reiser
MusicDag Winderlich, Henrik Hobein
Sound EffectsDag Winderlich, Henrik Hobein
Engine DevelopmentBastian Clarenbach, Hendrik Grüne
Interface LibraryUlf Winkelmann
Manual and Cover TextDaniel Dumont, Alan Wild
LayoutJürgen Venjakob, Alan Wild
Product Manager (International)Alan Wild
Technical DirectorKay Struve
QA DirectorTorsten Allard
Marketing ManagerChristian Franke
International Sales & DistributionRoger Swindells
ProducerHolger Flöttmann

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159527) and Sciere (505776)