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Pirates of the Caribbean (Windows)

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Freelancer of the High Seas - Made for X-Box, but ported to Windows tantoedge (20) 3.14 Stars3.14 Stars3.14 Stars3.14 Stars3.14 Stars

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Category Description MobyScore
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.3
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 2.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.9
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.0
Overall MobyScore (14 votes) 3.3

The Press Says

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For a game three years in the making, a game that was pretty far along when we saw it a year ago at E3, we expected more than Pirates of the Caribbean currently offers. Most of the old good stuff from Sea Dogs is still there and some new good stuff adds to the fun of the game but there are also lingering rough edges such as the crew animations, simplistic sword fighting, and deficient NPC dialogue, not to mention the baffling interface. That's not to say Pirates OTC isn't a good game--it is. It just doesn't bowl us over the way Sea Dogs did. Nevertheless, we'll take it.
I had just finished watching a fantastically fun movie from Disney called Pirates of the Caribbean (herein referred to as PotC) with my daughter. With the thirst for adventure still at full tilt, I ran out and purchased the game from my local gaming store (no big box superstores for this gamer). Even with the horrible experience that was Enter the Matrix, I was looking forward to this game from its Sea Dogs II days. Here was what I expected prior to playing the game for the last couple of weeks: A fun single player game with the main emphasis on adventure mixed with some light role-playing game features. It?s not a huge expectation, for a game to be fun, but so many have missed the mark for me in the last while that it is getting scary to buy a game nowadays. Anyways, enough with the intro, lets get on with the review shall we?
Even though Pirates of the Caribbean has its ups and downs, the team at Akella should be commended for creating a game that, after all, presents a step forward for the series. Some of the initial thrill of playing Sea Dogs for the first time has been lost, but that doesn't mean that I didn't immensely enjoy playing the sequel. If only the publishers had realized the importance of a good cinematic experience and the little things that help create a truly immersive single-player world, Sea Dogs 2; (Dammit - if you make me correct you one more time, I'll make you walk the plank! - Six) I'm sorry; Pirates of the Caribbean could've been the perfect sequel to the original Sea Dogs.
Joystick (French)
Si vous rêviez d'un jeu de marins, n'hésitez pas plus longtemps, vous passerez de très bons moments avec ce titre à la durée de vie remarquable dont l'ambiance vous fera vite oublier les petits soucis de maniabilité.
GameStar (Germany)
Fluch der Karibik ist weit besser, als es die Summe seiner Unzulänglichkeiten vermuten ließe. Nach zehn Minuten wollte ich es wegen der Steuerung in die Tonne treten, nach 30 konnte ich nicht mehr ablassen: Selten hat mich eine Spielwelt so in ihren Bann gezogen! Pfennigfuchser werden die Designmängel schlicht unerträglich finden, doch erstaunlicherweise wirken sich viele Nervereien kaum auf den Spielspaß aus, wenn man sie erst einmal kennt. Mit Flotte, Crew, Ausrüstung und Charakterwerten gibt es gleich vier Disziplinen, an denen ich ständig feile und in die ich jedes Goldstück investiere. Noch nie hat ein Spiel das Meer so überzeugend dargestellt: Die Storm Engine 2 lässt mein Schiff in abgrundtiefen Wellentälern verschwinden oder mein Herz angesichts einer glitzernden Hafen-Szenerie frohlocken. Dass Segel- und Landmodus strikt getrennt sind, tut der Glaubwürdigkeit der Spielwelt keinen Abbruch.
Well, here we are … Pirates of the Caribbean has finally been released in theaters and it was definitely a movie that I was anxious to go see. The previews looked great, and I always enjoyed the ride at Disney of the same name, so it looked like a winning combination to me. Of course, popular or potentially popular movies normally will have a video game to follow either right before or right after release, and sure enough … out comes Pirates of the Caribbean for the PC. Being the fact that it was produced by Bethesda, I was even more excited to play it since I loved Morrowind and just the thought of a similar atmosphere involving pirates made it a must get for me.
Game Informer Magazine
Those looking for the chance to control a virtual Johnny Depp may be disappointed, but anyone yearning for life on the high seas will be thrilled with Pirates of the Caribbean. As Captain Nathaniel Hawk, both land and ocean are open for exploration, as are your gameplay options. Much like Bethesda’s Sea Dogs (Pirates was originally conceived as Sea Dogs II), you can choose the path of good and hunt down the pirate scourge, or choose evil and become a pirate yourself.
GameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
Pirates of the Caribbean is een aangenaam en leuk RPG-game - ondanks z'n tekortkomingen - dat de liefhebbers van zeepiraterij zeker zal aanspreken. De grootse zeeslagen staan bol van spanning en drama, en bevatten heel wat variëteit. Bovendien wordt onze nieuwsgierigheid op de proef gesteld met het open einde van het game. De minpuntjes zorgen er wel voor dat het niet in de Galerij der Groten terechtkomt, maar dat zal je worst wezen als je het zoveelste schip entert en de waardevolle buit in beslag neemt.
PC Action
Fluch der Karibik bringt alle Zutaten mit, die einem prima Piraten-Epos gut zu Gesicht stehen: eine Prise Rollenspiel, eine nette Story, See- und Landkämpfe in ansprechender Optik, eine lebendige Spielumgebung, relative Handlungsfreiheit. Dazu dürfen Sie selbst durch den Charakterausbau Ihren spielerischen Schwerpunkt bestimmen. Schön! Die etwas dürftige deutsche Sprachausgabe und den fehlenden Mehrspieler-Modus vermisse ich nicht wirklich. Dafür aber eine durchdachte Steuerung. Ungeduldige Seebären werden wohl frustriert in der nächsten Taverne versacken, ehe Sie der Charme des Spiels erreicht. Das wäre schade, denn etwas Ausdauer wird später mit Spielspaß belohnt.
Armchair Empire, The
Now Akella brings us Pirates of the Caribbean which in and of itself achieves the overall feel of swashbuckling adventure to varying degrees of success on the PC. Virtually every aspect one would expect to experience in sailing the seas of the Caribbean are here, but it’s very touch and go as to how enjoyable each element is in the game. For those expecting a game to closely mirror the events of the Disney movie who shares this game’s title, you won’t find that here. Outside of taking place in the Caribbean and the presence of some ghost pirates in the game there just aren’t a whole lot of parallels with the movie. Be that as it may, the game still does an adequate job of giving PC gamers the opportunity of hijinx on the high seas.
Even with its problems, though, Pirates of the Caribbean is an enjoyable game that's recommendable to those intrigued by the subject matter.
PC Gameplay (Benelux)
Een overhaast piratengame met een enorm potentieel aan gameplay. Had een echte topper kunnen zijn. Patchen die handel!
No sign of Johnny Depp (channeling Keith Richards, no less), only the voice of Kiera Knightly (doing some narration work), and no high-poly Orlando Bloom (gazing earnestly at something, probably): No, Pirates of the Caribbean definitely isn't your typical game-based-on-a-movie ship-wreck, and with good reason: It isn't based on the movie, except in the loosest dramatic sense. And no, there's no rousing chorus of "A Pirate's Life for Me" looping endlessly in the background -- which is either good or bad depending upon how much of a hard-core purist you are.
PC Games (Germany)
Es scheint ein Fluch über dem Spiele-Oldie Pirates zu liegen: Kein Nachahmer erreicht die Klasse des Originals. Auch nicht der Fluch der Karibik. Schon Sid Meiers Vorlage wollte nicht so recht in ein Genre passen, Fluch der Karibik vermischt sogar noch mehr Spielesparten. Zunächst eine Portion Rollenspiel. Ihr Alter Ego, Nachwuchskapitän Nathaniel Hawk, verfügt über zehn Charakterwerte und gut dreimal so viele Talente, die er im Spielverlauf erweitert.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Pirates of the Caribbean definitely gives you a real taste of what life was like as a pirate during the age of buccaneering. It is just that the taste you got little to do with what most players – who do not realize this is a sequel to Sea Dogs – would anticipate from the name of the game. There is a lot of variety and freedom here, and at its best this is the most physically attractive virtual pirate adventure ever released. It all boils down to this: if you want a fast-paced action title, do not go near this release; but if, on the other hand, you want a slower-paced role-playing experience with lots of different types of things to do, then by all means give it a shot. Even with its deficiencies, this is still a quality game, especially if you love pirates as I do; it is just sad that this did not turn into the gem it could have.
Game industry News (GiN)
If you like pirates, and especially if you were a fan of the original Sea Dogs, then Pirates of the Caribbean is a good game. Especially if you play on the PC, this sea-based RPG is worth picking up. It earns a respectable 3.5 GiN Gems overall.
D'excellentes idées dans ce Pirates Des Caraïbes tout de même supervisé par Bethesda qui sont loin d'être des manches. Le gameplay à la fois ouvert, profond et varié séduit d'emblée. Malheureusement de gros problèmes de prise en main, des combats super lourds et quelque bugs entachent un peu le tableau. Si on se force à entrer dans le trip on est bien remercié, mais il faut en avoir le courage.
Pirates des Caraibes est un jeu de rôles. Certains joueurs le qualifie comme le nouveau Sea Dog2. Il faudra gérer les combats mer-terre en détruisant les navires ennemis au passage ou tout simplement en les abordant. Sachez toutefois que Pirates des Caraibes n'est pas qu'un jeu sanglant l'épée a la main et le couteau dans la bouche mais bel et bien un jeu de stratégie ou le commerce est plus que vital.
Basing a movie on a theme park ride, particularly a ride based on a genre that hasn't done well in Hollywood for over 50 years, is a risky proposition. This is why the critical reception and smash success of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie is such a shock. The fact that there's a game based on the movie available already will surprise fans, and the fact that this licensed game is pretty good is yet another surprise. The final surprise is in store for anyone buying the game and expecting to relive the movie. That won't happen. This Pirates of the Caribbean sails pretty much on its own power.
PC Gamer UK
Total Film magazine ran a review of the Disney movie Pirates of the Caribbean recently. It started with the line "You're expecting this to suck, aren't you?" The film got four stars out of five. Surprises do happen. Had 'Media partners' (or whatever they'd like to call themselves) Ubi Soft managed to release a triple-A tie-in game to go with it, it would have been nothing less than flabbergasting. They didn't, but while the game's considerable flaws do lower the score, there is some enjoyment to be had here.
PC Zone Benelux
Meer dan een magere voldoende is helaas niet weggelegd voor Akella's laatste creatie. Dat is jammer, want het is te zien dat POTC wel degelijk een geweldige rpg had kunnen zijn. Karakterontwikkeling, vechten, handel, een grote speelwereld, alles is in principe aanwezig. De combinatie van slechte controls en eentonige graphics en geluid zullen voor de meeste gamers echter een afknapper vormen. Als je op zoek bent naar een paar dagen relaxed rpg vermaak, moet je dit spel niet kopen. Een fanatieke piratenfreak, die bereid is veel tijd te steken in het 'oefenen' met de besturing en die eentonigheid eerder als overzichtelijk ervaart, zal POTC wellicht een geschenk uit de hemel vinden.
Absolute Games (
В аналогичном положении — на разных чашах весов — находятся озвучка и музыка. Если первая откровенно неприятна (скромный набор реплик и крайне неудачная работа актеров — это вам не Владимир Конкин в «Корсарах»), то саундтрек способен поднять настроение, серьезно упавшее после, например, обнаружения нового неприятного бага. Такой получилась и вся игра — нескладно, неровно сшитой. Мы, разумеется, знаем, почему, но обсуждать животрепещущую тему не будем. Смысла нет. Пусть сделанное останется лежать тяжелым грузом на совести разработчиков.
Ich musste mich anfangs wirklich quälen, mich intensiv mit dem Spiel zu beschäftigen, denn die umständliche Steuerung machte zu Beginn wirklich viel Spiel kaputt. Erst nach einiger Zeit, als die Story so richtig ins Rollen kam und ich schließlich auch eine für mich einigermaßen funktionierende Tastenbelegung gefunden hatte, begann das Spiel seine eigentlichen Qualitäten zu entfalten. Wer sich bis hierhin durchgebissen hat, wird, genau wie ich, sicherlich nicht enttäuscht sein. Mit besserer Steuerung und kleinem Tuning am Spiel selbst (Endlosspiel, dynamisches Handlungssystem, besseres Voice-Acting) wäre „Pirates of the Caribbean“ für mich ein echtes Spitzenspiel geworden. So bleibt bei mir leider immer ein fader Nachgeschmack zurück und dem Spiel letztendlich eine ganz hohe Wertung verwehrt.
Game Over Online
On the off chance you haven't already read a dozen reviews of Pirates of the Caribbean, released in early July by Akella and Bethesda Softworks, you might wonder if it has anything to do with the movie, or if it's just a game where you play pirate.
I had entirely missed out on Sea Dogs, so I have no idea what kind of game it was, (or if it was any good) but this new game called Pirates of the Caribbean (formerly known as Sea Dogs 2) caught my attention. Promising to combine the excitement of plying the waters in search of booty, adventure, fame, women, and good booze with a stellar graphics engine that would draw you into the world of deadly high seas combat and salty dogs.
Game Revolution
This is quite a shame, because you get the feeling that if they took more time and care here, we could have had one of the best pirate games ever. Instead, this is a cool game hiding underneath scads of bugs, control problems and weak swordfighting, leading to not a cool game whatsoever. If you're dying to be a pirate, dig up one of the Monkey Islands. And if it just be adventure ye be after, than you're much better off with Morrowind. Or just spend that money on a ticket to Disneyland.
The particular tragedy of this game, though, is that it didn't have to be this way. It's a sequel to a good game that could have been well integrated with a good license. Instead, it seems more likely Disney threw a treasure chest of doubloons at Bethesda to get the game at all ("What do you mean we've got no video-game tie-in?") and even more to get it out early ("This game has to be out when the movie releases!"). As for me, I'm going back to Tropico 2 and sending another e-mail to Sid Meier to please hurry with his Pirates! update.
Computer Gaming World (CGW)
Pirates of the Caribbean has a few great moments, but it seems like an incomplete collection of half-finished ideas. If RPG sections were fleshed out or the commerce model improved, the open-endedness would be more effective and the world more exciting to explore. As it is, it’s just three simple sections that, in sequence, provide slightly enjoyable distractions from one another.