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Pixelus Deluxe (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Pixelus Deluxe Credits

Developer (Nuclide Games)

ProgrammingDominique Biesmans, Steve McCrea, Luc van den Borre
ArtSebastien Brunel, Nathalie Occédat
Music and Sound EffectsIan Livingstone

Publisher (PopCap Games)

ProducersJason Kapalka, Sukhbir Sidhu
PopCap FrameworkBrian Fiete, Brian Rothstein
Biz DevDon Walters
MarketingAmy Janas
QAEric J. Harman, Shawn Conard, Brenna Flood, Chad Zoellner
Special ThanksTysen L. Henderson, Jeff Weinstein, Nicholas Newhard, Kathy Bacon, Ben Lyon, Walter Wilson, David Haas, Hans Reifenrath, Ian Greenhoe, Damon Kiley, Katrina Webb, Juho Uuraslahti, Mark Weldon, Greg Behrens
Beta TestersKingdom, TheShadow, MrsDbolt, Lexi, monkeyboy, HomerJay, Rambobear, wolfpackmama, Syrinx, Inkmei, artic, bugsymcd24, javansdaddy, Arkeri, Dominique, Illyria, reba10, Zelda, hgalindo, Numfive, kathyjohndj, RavensTrumpet, Vern, WendigoWolf, WildKittyFca, wuggies, lala, NPG, Splam11, baasi1, cheryl, cjbadger, Curious Games, Dyne, firedog, GrukX, HRACH, jb63, Lovedog, Meatboy, samspade, spirit29_1, Vexrm, WoodRat

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