Pizza Frenzy Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Loading Screen
Main Menu
Introduction to the game
Icons with customers appear, requesting a specific pizza.
After a perfect game, a zeppelin passes to drop money.
Game result
The cheese topping has been upgraded. You can now carry two cheese orders at once.
A new city has been unlocked.
A thief appears, take him to the police station.
Don't forget to pick up the tips as well.
The celebrity provides a big tip.
The bonus mode where you need to recreate a pizza.
There are two pizza houses here.
Deliver a certain pizza quickly, in succession, to go into the Pizza Frenzy mode.
Mrs Gossip is convincing the others to change their order, which helps building up a combo.
A more advanced pizza to recreate.
The banker can collect your tips.
Select the toppings you want to use.
Browsing through the unlocked toppings.
Creating my own, custom pizza.
Select a city in the Memory mode.
In the Memory mode, the orders are blanked out before you start delivering.