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Pizza Morgana: Episode 1 - Monsters and Manipulations in the Magical Forest (Windows)

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Pizza Morgana: Episode 1 - Monsters and Manipulations in the Magical Forest Credits


Produced and Directed byOded Sharon
Art DirectorIlan Weintrob
Game DesignsOded Saar, Oded Sharon
Junior Game DesignersNir Idan, Yotam Rosenfeld
Consulting Game DesignersDan Carreker, Scott Cierski
Background ArtUri Fink, Ilan Weintrob, Vladik Sandler, Erez Tzadok
Interface and 2D ArtYael Nathan
Additional ArtYael Hakshurian, Ilan Weintrob, Sonya Novosolov, Rotem Steinbock, Guy Zaidenband, Ortal Avraham
Character Models and 3D AnimationsJenna Leder, Limor Shani, Oran Bar-Tal, Luigi, Guy Zaidenband, Roy Lazarovich, Tigran, Ilya Dorman, Oded Sharon (as SoundGuy)
Programming and ScriptingOded Sharon, Noa Lehmann, Lior Nesichi, Oded Saar, Yossi Kantor, Boaz Peleg, Ze'ev Russak
Sound EffectsNetanel Levy
MusicHilit Rosental
Voice ActingMia Alon (as Jackie), Claudia Christian (as Abbie Positive), Robin Atkin Downes (as the Watcher / additional Voices), Dean Hugland (as Trident)
Guide Voice ActingYotam Rosenfeld
Junior Executive ProducerYotam Rosenfeld
LegalYoram Lichtenstein, Advocates
QA and Beta Testing ManagerYamit Hagar
Beta TestersHagai Jacobson (Barnabas), Yevgeni Kabishcher, Yoni Alkan (Zarqoun), Astrid Beulink
WebsiteYael Dror, Lee Eden
Thanks toYael Luxman, Reut Almog, Dave Gilbert, Jynks, Sean Kauppinen, Sande Chen, Anne Toole, David Grossman, Guy Bendov
Powered byWintermute Engine
Special Thanks toMnemonic [for building and maintainging WME]
Diaper ChangesTomer Sharon
Very Special Thanks toLee Eden

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