Written by  :  Drew Dorton (73)
Written on  :  May 31, 2001
Platform  :  Windows

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One of the deepest games ever...

The Good

First of all, the game has an incredible storyline. The only others that rival it are Baldur's Gate, The Longest Journey, and Deus Ex. It has deep, insightful dialogue, and the choices you make actually affect the outcome of the game.

The game is a tad more focused than Baldur's Gate, which means there's not miles and miles of terrain to explore. Much of the game takes place in Sigil, the City of Doors, center of the known multiverse. Your character is the Nameless One, a battered, bruised and scarred shadow-of-a-man who wakes up in a mortuary with no idea who he is or where he came from. Along with your trusty sidekick Morte, a talking skull, must find out your identity and unlock the secrets to your immortality.

The game's graphics are also pretty schweet, sporting some of the coolest spell effects in any Infinity-engine game thus far. The environments are beautifully crafted, creating an eerie and creepy atmosphere. The art and architecture of Sigil really make the city come alive.

I could just go on and on all day about this game, but the bottom line is that if you get it, you certainly won't regret it.

A+ -- A must-buy.

The Bad

There's no sequel!!! Other than that, not a thing.

The Bottom Line

The game is dirt cheap, so you have no excuse not to get it!!