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Plants vs. Zombies (Windows)

Everyone 10+
ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

Hilarious and very addictive strategy game Ferragus (48) 4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars
Gardening has never been so much fun. dreamstealer (146) 4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars
Supreme in its mediocrity Alex Z (1514) 2.75 Stars2.75 Stars2.75 Stars2.75 Stars2.75 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Overall User Score (56 votes) 4.3

Critic Reviews

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UGO (UnderGroundOnline)
Plants vs. Zombies is one of the strongest titles to come out of PopCap's genius factory. There's a ton of creativity, replay value and fun smashed into a relatively small (and PC/Mac friendly package...since it can run set-ups with little to no video card). It's the most fun I've had on the computer since World of Goo and it should not be missed.
The addictive nature of Plants vs. Zombies comes as a bit of a surprise given the generally repetitive nature of its design. There are several available modes of play that switch things up with varying degrees of success, but they almost all come down to the same basic task: keep your brains in your cranium!
Game Shark
It’s this light-heartedness that makes it so gosh darn likable. Plants vs. Zombies is an immensely fun and wonderfully imaginative strategy game that makes for one of the most enjoyable experiences of the year.
Throughout my play, I discovered nearly nothing wrong. If I wanted to quibble, I would point out that occasionally the bowling levels are a little too hard, the rooftop levels are a bit out of character with the rest of the game thanks to the introduction of the catapult, and the initial play-through of Adventure Mode is pretty easy. But those are just quibbles. Do yourself a favor and buy Plants vs. Zombies if you’re even considering it.
Gamer Limit
Overall, at $20, Plants vs. Zombies provides more content and stylized fun than most full retail purchases out there. I urge everyone with a PC to go download this game right away; you won’t be disappointed.
Ein Must-Buy für ... eigentlich jeden einzelnen Gamer, der sich das Spiel leisten kann, egal welcher Genre-Fraktion er auch angehört! Plants versus Zombies darf man einfach nicht verpassen, denn selten hat ein eigentlich simples Spiel so viel Spaß gemacht und nochdazu so viel Content für dermaßen wenig Geld geboten. Da kann man nur anfangen zu singen. Und jetzt alle! There's a zombie on my lawn...
Plants Vs Zombies is clearly a labour of love and on top of that it's what you might call the perfection of simplistic budget gaming. The game stimulates the emotional mind from start to finish, providing the kind of spontaneous quick-fire stimulation that our minds have come to expect from 21st century lifestyles. At this price tag there is simply no reason why literally anyone could not purchase and enjoy this great game; addiction, variation, entertainment and simplicity all in one neat little package. Mad props.
The A.V. Club
Plants Vs. Zombies’ gratification isn’t all instant. The rest of the time, it slowly shambles up on you.
Despite its initial approachability, PvZ gets surprisingly challenging toward the end of the game; the zombie types evolve much stronger defenses or gain special attributes that can bypass certain plants all-together.
Game Revolution
Plants vs. Zombies might seem like a dumbed-down tower defense game at first, but like Swords and Soldiers proved, depth can be found in simple games. Regardless of which side you pick to defend, you'll find an interesting and highly enjoyable game in Plants vs. Zombies, no matter how long you have to play.
Worth Playing
Plants vs. Zombies is a wonderful take on the tower defense sub-genre of strategy gaming. Popcap has successfully boiled down the formula into something that the casual gaming crowd can enjoy, and while experienced gamers may find it easy, more challenge awaits once you've already beaten the game. The game may drag on for a little too long through the middle sections of the campaign, but the rest is a blast and comes highly recommended to anyone who loves zombies or strategy games.
Undoubtedly, Plants vs. Zombies is one of the most fun and addictive games you can play on PC. The number of both plants and zombies is huge, but they're gradually introduced so that you can avoid getting stuck on a level for a long time.
Divertente, longevo e immediato, Plants vs. Zombies è un piccolo gioiello di mini-strategia in tempo reale capace di coinvolgere un'utenza trasversale, magari restando aperto in finestra in attesa di essere usato durante qualche pausa lavorativa. L'acquisto è più che consigliato, impossibile pentirsene per chiunque non viva di sole sparatorie.
Cheat Code Central
Loaded with an upbeat, colorful art style and ample audio silliness, Plants vs. Zombies is as fun to watch as it is to play - even while sticking to a family-friendly vibe.
Om du inhandlar Plants vs. Zombies kommer du definitivt att få ett spel värt pengarna. Utöver de timmar du kommer att spendera på äventyrsläget så finns även mängder med minispel att tackla, ett överlevnadsläge med mängder av speltimmar och ett pusselläge som bjuder på lite mer klurande.
Games Aktuell
Plants vs. Zombies ist ein überraschend unterhaltsames Spiel geworden, dass definitiv Suchtpotential bietet und ständig motiviert! Der Schwierigkeitsgrad steigt konstant an und der Umfang ist mit 50 Missionen und den zahlreichen Mini-Spielen eindrucksvoll für ein "Casual Game".
Simple, addictive gameplay; huge cast of diverse characters; simplistic yet cleverly stylized graphics.
With a main game mode that spans 50 levels, numerous unlockable modes that extend the lifespan significantly, stupidly addictive gameplay and fun-infused presentation you'd be a fool to pass up Plants Vs Zombies.
The sheer absurdity of Plants vs. Zombies' premise is a large part of the game's charm.
Game industry News (GiN)
In game terms this is your basic tower-defense set up. Zombies are coming and you have to prevent them from doing so. In this case you wish to prevent them from crossing your lawn and entering your home where you are, presumably, hoping to keep your thought processes internal rather than not.
True Game Headz
“Plants vs. Zombies” deserves a heavy recommendation for newcomers and seasoned veterans alike, although it clearly plays up the humor to introduce the genre to new players. The game is enjoyable, different, and altogether a great experience. If you’re willing to throw down $20 and are up for something a little different, you won’t go wrong with this game. This mere existence of this game once again proves that PopCap are the kings of casual gaming, and they’ve created yet another title worth playing over again and over again.
Brash Games
As soon as I saw the comic-like graphics and silly storyline I fell in love. While it won’t stretch the high-end machine it can at least run on those older units that are currently gathering gaming dust with the current vogue of intensive gunfire games. Popcap has launched a diamond of a game, you won’t get bored and it will take a good number of hours before you complete everything, ideal for those times when you’re supposed to be working.
Good Game
Well I reckon considering what it is, which is, forgive me for using the term but firmly on the casual end of the spectrum, I think it’s a very well made game. It's compulsive gameplay is complimented by quality, hilarious animation. 9/10 from me.
Blend Games
If you're looking for a game to play in quick 15-20 minute chunks, well, you better stop right now before Plants vs Zombies gets you in its cold, dead grasp, and has you wondering just where in the hell the last few hours went. It's clever, adorable, and has enough content to keep you playing for a long time. Plus, you can kill zombies with watermelons, and what other game can say that.
UOL Jogos
"Plants Vs. Zombies" é mais um excelente jogo casual produzido pela PopCap, uma das grande especialistas no filão. Embora se firme em uma idéia simples e bastante comum, a equipe conseguiu inserir elementos bastante criativos, como inimigos com habilidades especiais, minigames e até chefões. Com um bom grau de dificuldade, o game é uma ótima pedida para os fãs de jogos rápidos, mas inteligentes.
PC Games (Germany)
Schon wieder ein 08/15-Tower- Defense-Klon? Weit gefehlt: Plants vs. Zombies ist alles andere als gewöhnlich. Das wird schon nach wenigen Spielminuten am herrlichen Humor und den liebevoll gestalteten Spielfiguren deutlich. Der eigentliche Star des Spiels ist aber das abwechslungsreiche Level-Design. Fast in jeder Spielstufe des Abenteuer-Modus erhalten Sie eine neue Pflanze. Richtig Laune machen auch die Bonus-Spielmodi. Vor allem die Minispiel-Herausforderungen haben es mir angetan. Ich könnte den ganzen Tag Wall-Nut Bowling oder Beghouled spielen!
For $20, Plants vs. Zombies is a thoroughly enjoyable romp that's suitable for all ages. Download it for PC or Mac and save yourself from the invasion.
PopCap Games on erikoistunut omaperäisiin casual-peleihin, joista löytyy silti tarpeeksi syvyyttä viihdyttämään enemmän pelaaviakin. Plants vs. Zombies on tästä lähes täydellinen malliesimerkki. Se on todella helppo oppia, mutta syvyyttä ja monipuolisuutta löytyy tyydyttämään myös tosipelaajia, jotka kaipaavat vähän erilaisempaa vaihtelua. Kuokka käteen ja siemenet maahan siis, zombit on pysäytettävä!
GamePro (US)
Plants vs. Zombies is a terrific title and I recommend it highly, especially for casual and younger gamers. But even hardcore types who might be put off by the cutesy graphics and the kid-friendly vibe will find something to like about this awesome little title; if anything, the fact that it contains a zombie bobsledding team should be enough to sway you.
From the moment we saw the bizarre music video for Plants vs. Zombies we knew we wanted to play this game. The end product is really fantastic and stands right up there with PopCap's other hits like Peggle and Bejewelled. It has that elusive "special something" that gets its hooks in you and convinces you to forego food, sleep, and other essentials just to see what the next level has in store. If you've never played a tower defense game before, this is the one you should try. And if you're sick to death of tower defense games, this one's gonna bring you back into the fold.
Eurogamer.net (UK)
The tense and always adorable Plants vs. Zombies is a masterful combination of serious strategy and cartoonish delights - and by adding mini-games, survival modes and a shop, PopCap is practically rubbing it in. The result is as fresh and accessible as Super Mario, and as refined and considered as Left 4 Dead, wading into another established genre and polishing the central ideas in a way that will make it a hard act to follow. Despite the undead, you'll still be able to sleep with the lights off, but the midnight oil will be burning long and hard at the developer's increasingly frustrated competitors.
In feeding constant surprise, engaging wit and sharply pitched challenge during its course, Plants Vs Zombies proves again PopCap’s incredible knack of taking an established game form and making it all its own.
We couldn’t find anything glaringly wrong with Plants vs. Zombies, but it’s not for everyone – for a few reasons. About halfway through the second part of the Adventure game (around level 2-5 or so) it can get quite hard. This might turn off some casual gamers who want a more relaxing experience rather than a progressively tough one, but once you figure out what works for you it's not so tough. Secondly, while unique, I’d argue the game concept doesn’t have as widespread appeal as a mainstream puzzle game, such as Peggle or Zuma. Still, we give top marks to PopCap for putting an entertaining new zombie spin on the tower defense genre. Finally, some parents might not like the spooky premise with silly but grotesque animations, such as heads that fall off bodies. It’s tame by Resident Evil standards but certainly not common in the casual game world. All in all, we give two green thumbs up to PopCap’s irresistibly charming and challenging game.
Plants vs. Zombies ist wunderbar durchgeknallt und herrlich süchtig machend - das perfekte Spiel für die Viertelstunde zwischendurch bzw. die drei Stunden, von denen man nicht mal merkt, dass sie vergangen sind.
Plants vs Zombies might sound like a strange idea, but it definitively works. For a charming, funny and entertaining diversion, look no further than Plants vs Zombies.
Absolute Games (AG.ru)
Plants vs. Zombies существенно проще классики жанра вроде GemCraft или Protector, да и не претендует на хардкорность. Зато графика выглядит мило, невзирая на неизменное разрешение 800х600, озвучка вызывает улыбку, а способов развлечь себя не меньше, чем в «Космических рейнджерах». И отдельной награды заслуживают фантасмагорически оформленные титры. Мелодия «There's a zombie on your lawn», несомненно, достойна хит-парадов.
Girl Gamers UK
The game is not difficult by any means, but the humour and extra game modes make it great value for money. As you work through the adventure mode you will unlock mini games, puzzle mode, survival mode and the zen garden, so there is plenty to do and you will keep coming back. The game is finished to a very high standard, both with graphics and sound (the song at the end of adventure mode is particularly engaging). Whilst hardcore gamers may pass this game by, everyone else should try it out.
Armchair Empire, The
That said, Plants vs. Zombies remains a triumph for PopCap. The game joins their Peggle at the top of the addictive, just-one-more-level-and-I'm-off-to-bed, list.
Gameplay (Benelux)
We hebben de afgelopen maanden heel wat Indie Game-toppers zien passeren, en deze game hoort daar absoluut bij.
It's impressive how well everything works together in Plants vs. Zombies. Every element, from the gameplay to the bonus extras to the presentation, seems to follow the core philosophy of accessible simplicity underpinned by thoughtful complexity. It is well suited for a wide range of audiences, but those who seek a challenge may not have the patience to play through the few hours that it will take to encounter the more difficult levels. For frugality's sake, interested parties are advised to purchase it from Valve's download service, Steam, where it is selling for $9.99 (as opposed to $19.99 on PopCap's Web site). Plants vs. Zombies is fun, funny, and a great buy at either price.
Plants vs. Zombies is one of the most high profile and popular releases to emanate from PopCap Games. It’s essentially a tower defence game, where you place a wide variety of militant plants on your garden lawn in order to stave off waves of zombie invaders.
Gameplay Monthly
As much as I enjoyed Plants vs. Zombies, I can honestly say that I was somewhat disappointed by the game. Maybe my expectations were a little too grandiose after seeing all of the positive press that the game was getting, but I was just expecting a little more from the game. However, please don’t let this discourage you from picking up this game. It’s a fun and addictive game from start to finish.
Game Over Online
Plants vs. Zombies is one of those addictive games where you always want to play just a little bit longer -- just to see what crazy thing might appear next, if for no other reason. Plus, with all of the extra games and modes, it should remain fun and amusing for a while, but not forever.
Rocky Bytes
Plants vs Zombies is a game made in cartoon style and it’s really addictive. It will keep us attached to the screen for hours.
PopCap Games non tradisce mai: i suoi giochi, seppur semplici, sono sempre vincenti e apprezzati. Plants Vs Zombies è solo l’ultimo grande titolo sfornato da questa straordinaria software house, un gioco che va almeno provato. Simpatia, gameplay ben strutturato, varie e divertenti modalità, prezzo alla portata di tutti sono i punti di forza di un titolo che non dovrebbe mancare in nessuna softeca.
Nonostante la loro innegabile semplicità, le cinque modalità disponibili sono infatti tanto bizzarre quanto divertenti, e vi terranno senz’altro incollati allo schermo fino al loro totale completamento. Insomma, si tratta di un gioco imperdibile che merita almeno di essere provato. Fate però molta attenzione prima di iniziare la vostra guerra in giardino… potreste non riuscire più a smettere.
Diez euretes pueden parecer caros para un juego flash vitaminado. Pero ya os digo que no sé si por diversión o por adicción, pero lo cierto es que cuando ponga el punto final a este escrito voy a seguir salvaguardando mi cerebro del tracto digestivo de los señores verdes que, con tan poca cortesía, están ocupando mis verdes praderas. Aunque sean las del fondo de pantalla del ordenador.
Plants vs. Zombies is een casual game zoals vrijwel alleen PopCap die maakt. Het spel is charmant, origineel en ziekelijk verslavend. Het heeft niet de tactische diepgang van veel andere Tower Defence-games, maar het maakt veel goed door de afwisseling in spelregels die de zaken toch steeds fris houdt. Gamers die op zoek zijn naar uitdaging zullen even door moeten bijten, want het is er wel degelijk verderop in het spel.
Impulse Gamer
With around 50 levels and some fun mini-games, Plants vs. Zombies is a different type of puzzle/tower defence game that works on just about all levels. Addictively fun!
Hardcore Gamer Magazine
Plants vs. Zombies is a huge game with a great sense of humor, and while it tends to play itself once a strategy is completed and the field of fire constructed, putting it all together and experimenting with the possibilities stays fun for a long, long time.
Thunderbolt Games
Plants vs. Zombies represents a perfect introduction to the tower defence genre, and it has sufficient depth, content and detail to appeal to the more experienced gamer. At £15 (or US $10 on Steam, at the time of writing), there is a mass of content here for a bargain price, and it will pretty much flawlessly run on any half-decent system from the last six or eight years. Fans of the genre should seek to pick this up immediately, and even those who don’t normally buy games like this should probably try the one hour free trial on the official site, because Plants vs. Zombies is so addictive, charming and entertaining that everyone could be converted to its cause.
Common Sense Media
When hordes of zombies head at you at one time, it’s a complete rush. You hurry to place your plants and collect your sunlight as if nothing else matters. As you progress in the game, you unlock mini games and a survival mode. It really gets tough when a creeping fog is introduced. While Plants vs. Zombies is a terrific experience, it’s not as tough as, say, Sony’s PixelJunk Monsters, which, with each level, features a different layout and approach paths for the creeps who deign to destroy your kingdom. Yet it’s just as cute and charming and almost as hard to beat.
Plants vs. Zombies is a very fun, mildly addictive strategy game that is well worth the price of going to the movies these days. Don't expect a game with the depth of Portal because it isn't here. However, if you're tired of that life leeching MMORPG that you're playing, Plants vs. Zombies might be your refresher.
Au final, Plantes contre Zombies apparaît comme un tower defense assez classique. Certes, le soft est joli graphiquement, varié et doté d'une bonne durée de vie, mais en connaissant le savoir-faire de PopCap Games nous aurions aimé découvrir un titre encore plus loufoque qu'il n'est déjà. Toutefois, la totalité des joueurs peuvent découvrir un titre casual très accessible et qui apparaît comme un bon passe-temps.
Good Game
Ah yeah, the lolz are there, and Popcap do make good games. The difficulty ramps up very smoothly, and the minigames are great too, there’s zombie versions of Bejewelled and Insaniquarium. I was held through all fifty plus levels for sure but I wouldn’t go back to it. 7.5
Das Spiel beherrscht alle guten Eigenschaften eines Tower Defense-Games und kann mit vielen Levels und eine Menge freischaltbarer Gegenständen punkten. Wer gerne lustigen Untoten mit Erbsen oder Kirschbomben an den Kragen geht, wird hiermit sicher seine Freude haben.
Plants vs. Zombies est finalement un tower defense relativement classique. Si son rythme lent et son aspect répétitif risquent d'en décourager plus d'un, les amateurs du genre trouveront là un titre bourré d'humour qui peut devenir très addictif. On regrette que le mode aventure ne propose pas davantage de challenge mais les nombreux mini-jeux viennent heureusement combler ce manque.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Plants vs. Zombies suffers from a lack of gameplay variety in the campaign, a difficulty level that never becomes really challenging, and the lack of an online multiplayer mode and its accompanying leaderboards. Everyone who loves casual games should own a copy of Plants vs. Zombies, but they should also be prepared for boredom to become a bigger enemy than the undead.