Written by  :  leon101 (64)
Written on  :  Apr 26, 2005
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars

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A great simulator!

The Good

Almost everything in this game I love, the game plays as a combo of tycoon and "The Sims" so I love the gameplay to death, putting items in your house is a blast, and interacting with them, as well as your guest, is even better. The tycoon part of this game is just as fun and easy as the Sim part, in order to build your playboy empire, you need to hire a staff, meet celebrities, and become friends with as many people as possible, having some girlfriends and sex a long the way is great also. You just can't go wrong with this game. The controls are awesome and easy to use, very easy to use, click to go to a place or area and also interact with people and objects (interacting with objects and having sex is just on the side fun thing to do, it doesn't accomplish anything for you like it does in the Sims) play and hopefully you will like it. The graphics while not like Sims 2 get the job done nicely, their better than the first Sims graphics so don't complain so much. The sound is great too, love the music.

The Bad

One thing, the camera is a little hard to use, you see it is always focused on Hefner, so you can't move it around freely. So in order to see everything and get around, you have to be on the move the whole time, it can be hard to interact with something or someone like this. That's it for the bad.

The Bottom Line

How would I describe this to others, a over looked and unappreciated game, you should really give it a try it's fun. Yeah, it does get a little repetitive after long plays (not for me, but maybe for you) but so does the Sims, so why would that matter.