Playhouse Disney's Stanley: Wild for Sharks! Credits

Disney Interactive Victoria

DesignerRobert Barrett
ProducerDavid Sandor
Associate ProducerSimmi Behal
Vice‑President, ProductionFran├žois Robillard
Senior ProducerDevin Young
Senior Manager, TechnologyMatthew Powell
Lead TesterDarren Keetley
TestersKarl Johanson, Jason Burns, Jason Constantine, John Herbert, Stephanie Johanson, David Light

Disney Interactive Glendale

Marketing ManagerTammy DeMarco
Assistant Marketing ManagerHeather Rubaum
Customer Service LiaisonJoseph Limbaugh
Senior Manager, Quality Assurance/TestingDavid Arnspiger
Supervisor, Quality AssuranceLuigi Pardo
Project Lead, Senior TesterMarta Saylors
Special ThanksSpecial thanks to Disney Channel whose continued support helped make this title possible
With the voice talents of:Jessica Stone (as Stanley), Charles Shaughnessy (as Dennis), David Landsberg (as Dad), Ari Meyers (as Mom), Shawn Pyfrom (as Lionel), Hynden Walch (as Elsie), Rene Mujica (as Harry)
Thanks also to:Sharon Brecher, Lynda Donnachie, Chuck Molina, Maureen O'Sullivan, Nina Priore, Carol Schieck, Joanne Service, Arnold Stirajs, Tamira Webster, Jumbo Pictures/Cartoon Pizza, All our kid testers

Artech Studios

Game DesignersRick Banks, Paul Butler
WriterRichard Cooper
Creative DirectorRichard Cooper
Project CoordinatorsJoanna Gajdicar, Jennifer Priest
ProgrammersJimmy Lord, Lise Mendoza, Frank Blais, Jim Hamilton, Ken Shimizu
ArtistsPaul Desmarais, Michael Sauro, Ron Robinson, Nancy MacDonald, Chris Hale, Alvin Cruzado, Toma Feizo Gas, Paul Harrison, Fred Tang, Cory Humes, Becky Lathangue
Music & SoundMark Mitchell
Additional Writing & ReferencesNorman MacQueen, Jennifer Priest, Joanna Gajdicar
Video ProductionChristopher Paine
Additional HelpAnu Lindeman
Technical SupportRoger Camm, Steve LaRose
Network AdministrationGary Bazdell

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Credits for this game were contributed by DJP Mom (11393)