Polda 3 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu. This time without silly stuff.
Intro - part 1
Intro, part 2 - an assassination of the innocent bug is about to happen
Intro, part 3 - classical shot known from the film noir.
Intro, part 4 - and that shadow in the door was so promising... meet Mrs. Weak.
First screen - Pankrác's Office. Lila rotating arrows show the possible exits from the location if the mouse approaches them.
Czech Republic segment - map
Inventory revealed.

Two retirees want to beat the lout on the tree for not letting them on the seat in the tram.
First mini-game - "American Eyes". Choose the angle and power of the throw to get the coin inside the "eyes". You can also force away the opponent's coins.
CIA Headquarters. I want to believe this agent is a combination of Mulder and Scully - her name is Mucova.
Alien tourist captured by CIA. Doesn't speak since Roswell incident.
Second mini-game - CIA Shooting Range
Casino. When Pankrác is bored, he'll produce yo-yo...
Naval museum with Nazi submarine
Silly warning on the seismic activity observation station. "Warning. There should be bullshit about seismics"
Mini-game no. 4 Second phase (four in total, but she won't undress her panties) of the strip game. It's not Poker, but Mau-Mau.
Another mini-game, submarine.
The cop (well, private eye) can now call to certain people. Notice the talking beaver José in the lower left corner.
World map. This can't be interacted with, it's used only as the concealed loading screen between different locations. The arrow doesn't show a specific place, but the trajectory of the flight.