The Political Machine 2008 (Windows)

Everyone 10+
ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

The Political Machine 2008 Credits

Stardock Entertainment

DesignerBradley Wardell
Project ManagerScott Tykoski
Art DirectorPaul Boyer
Lead DevelopersCari Begle, Jesse Brindle, Keith W. Thompson
DevelopersCharles Lentz, Trent Polack, Ross Dexter, Sarah Trombley, Bradley Wardell
Game ArtistsPaul Boyer, Scott Tykoski, Dan Wallace
MusicMason B. Fisher
Web DevelopmentPatrick Ford, Andrew Powell, Nick Quaranto, Michael Crassweller, Keith Jeter, George Marsack
Computer AIBradley Wardell
Interview WritersBradley Wardell, Paul Boyer, Steve Bauman, Ross Dexter
Media RelationsAlexandra Miseta, Stephanie Tinsley-Schopp, Jillian Santos
Quality AssuranceJeff Sanders, Jim Kennedy, Paul Kaski, Mike Rodenbaugh, Sebastian Uehle, Ron Lugge, Robert Kosc, William Faust
Biz GuyBrian Clair
Take 2Tony Costa, Stacy Rachels, Penny Armstrong
ManualScott Tykoski, Bradley Wardell
ProofreaderBrian Clair
Tutorials and CutsceneScott Tykoski
InstallKris Kwilas
Production BabiesEthan Scott Tykoski - 2/11, Addison Marie Lentz - 4/25

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Credits for this game were contributed by SeƱorita Kathryn (612)