The Political Machine 2008 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
You can customize your character's looks
As well as where your character stands on issues, and their characteristics
In the campaign mode, you have to beat candidates one by one, each time unlocking another to play against
The Duel!
Near the beginning, the map of the United States has nothing built on it
When you travel to a state, you can choose to build something on it, each giving a different bonus, and at the same time... taking all your money!
Headquarters being upgraded
Raising funds to get more money
You can see the details of a state to get more information on it
Going on a show to do an interview...
...just be careful of what you answer...
...otherwise people may question your sanity(that's not good if you want to be president!)
Winning endorsements from special interests groups
When the time comes, you have to choose your running mate (here I am with George Bush, my running mate)
You can buy ads, which also cost a lot of money, so use them wisely!
When money is low, give speeches (they're free!)
As the campaign comes near an end, reports come in to let you know how you're doing
You'll have many things built and placed across the map when voting time nears
When the final votes are counted, the winner is decided!
The exit polls