The Political Machine Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Introduction showing your candidate's room
Main menu
The Quick Game setup
Creating your own candidate... I like this candidate
Choose from a wide variety of portraits for your custom candidate (both male and female)
I think I will vote for Moby Games as president... What about you?
Setting up the Fantasy game (part 1)
Setting up the Fantasy game (part 2)
As you move through the campaign, you get to take on real candidates that are harder
And the game starts!
This is the window you deal with as you play. You can change from multiple maps... this one shows the electoral votes through shading of the states (this is, of course, fantasy electoral stats)
Check what is important in each state before giving a speech or starting advertisements... I love the fantasy issues
Special Interests can be very helpful
Getting endorsements from various groups can help or hurt you based on where you stand
Hiring operatives will give you an edge in whatever state the operative is assigned to
Special events can occur that can help or hurt you... this one will help you
As the game moves along, check to see how you stand
Check out your assets
Give your speech... I think Moby Games supports merging with Canada, don't you? =D
Or create a newspaper, radio, or tv ad giving your beliefs or your opponent's beliefs
Answering questions on 50/50... In fantasy mode, there are interesting answers :)
Various newspapers will report on results of different things you do
Building and upgrading campaign headquarters in different states will help greatly
Another show, The O'Maley Scenario, has more good questions for you (again, this is Fantasy mode)
Look at your details and your opponent's details on a state-by-state/issue-by-issue basis... it also shows the national stance
As you move on, you get updates on the campaign like this
When it is time to pick your running mate, who will you choose?
The results of the campaign... Moby Games wins!!
Here, you can see the results of the campaign. See who spent more money and who used more capital
Check out your high scores (the game's level is used in determining scores along with other factors)