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Pong: The Next Level (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Pong: The Next Level Credits

Designed and Developed by Supersonic Software Ltd.

Andrew Fussey, Gordon Hargreaves, Craig Justice, Nicholas Watt, Andrew Williamson, Peter Williamson, Craig Weeks, Gerard Gourley, Aqua Pacific, EFX Ltd.

Hasbro Interactive

ProducerKevin Mullard
Product ManagerHarvey Eagle
Product Manager [US]Mark Goodreau
Executive ProducerChris Down
Creative Director [Packaging]Steve Cross
Senior Designer [Packaging]Ken Tse
Manual CoordinatorSam Hart
Localization Project ManagerJenny McKearney
Localization [US]Elizabeth Mackney
Technical Services ManagerRoger Carpenter
Lead Tester [Worldwide]Darryl Shaw
Tester [Hasbro UK]Stuart Thody, Wayne P. Gardner, Christine Fisher
Lead TesterJacob Hopkins

Babel Media

Studio HeadBen Wibberley, Alberto Schiannini
Lead TesterWill Morgan
TesterSimon Lawrence, Erik Jalevik, Mark Wherry, Chris Sperry (Splendor Sperry), Anu Koskela, Angela Vermond, Ben McFarland, Mike Troouli, Louis Campbell (Skaggy Campbell)

AQ Inc.

Lead TesterRick Blanco
TesterThierry Jauson, Gus Ferguson, Stephen Innes

Special Thanks To:

Neall Campbell, Louise McTighe, Kellie Rice, Richard Alexander, Shahid Ahmad, John Broomhall

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Credits for this game were contributed by Opipeuter (16475)