Written by  :  Marina Shoykhet (7)
Written on  :  Dec 12, 2001

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You can call it a "playable disappointment"

The Good

I was actually thrilled by thinking that Pool of Radiance coming back to life, I enjoyed previous Pool of Radiance, so I thought it would be something as good plus the multiplayer...

The Bad

The combat system is horrible translation of old engine into year 2001, using items or spells is a real pain with that menu system, the quests somewhat plain, and overall game is a disappointment on many levels. I will not mention that it runs way too slow on my P4 with 512 ram and ultra graphic card - first time I actually could feel I need upgrade.. or maybe its just game. The manual (at least from the normal edition) is way too small and confusing.

The Bottom Line

Don't go for it, until it hits around 29.99 price barrier. There are really better rpgs now on the market - like Wizardry 8 for example. It just feels at times like Diablo, but with hindered combat system and just again, plainly slow. Its playable anyway, but if I were you, I'd wait either until it goes down in price or someone gives it to me as present.