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Port Royale: Gold, Macht und Kanonen - Gold Edition (Windows)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Port Royale: Gold, Macht und Kanonen - Gold Edition Credits


ConceptDaniel Dumont
Project LeadDaniel Dumont
Lead ProgrammerMarco Zeugner
Lead TesterLars Berenbrinker
Simulation & Mission ProgammingPeter Grimsehl
Interface ProgrammerUlf Winkelmann
City DesignBoris Fornefeld
Sea BattlesThomas Mohr
Ship DesignMichael Kopietz
Main Menu DesignRalf Rüdiger
3D ArtworkPatrick Lubbers
Buildings & AnimationsJörg Laurin, Andreas Jupe, Robert Palme, Michael Hafner
VideosStefan Hoffmann
Illustration & LayoutAnca Finta
Quality Assurance SoftwareBenjamin Vogt, Sebastian Neuhaus, Gabriel Schorsch Hacker, Peter Luber, Mark Kieschke, Mario Endlich
Quality Assurance HardwareMarkus Reiser
MusicDag Winderlich, Henrik Hobein
Sound FXDag Winderlich, Henrik Hobein
Tutorial NarratorAndreas Fiebig
Additional Engine Programming Bastian Clarenbach, Hendrik Grüne, Bastian Rolf
Additional Demo ProgrammingDaniel Balster
Additional Trailer ArtPatrick Schumacher
Additional Intro ArtMBA Studios, Markus Baader, András Kavalecz
Manual LayoutChristiane Pfeifer
Historical Texts and DialogsMichael Bhatty (Dr.)
LecturerChristiane Pfeifer, Ingo Bertram, Alan Wild
Technical LeadKay Struve
Product ManagerChristian Franke
Marketing DirectorBernd Almstedt
ProducerHolger Flöttmann
Uses Miles Sound System copyright byRAD Game Tools Inc.
MPEG Layer-3 playback supplied with the Miles Sound System fromRAD Game Tools Inc.
MPEG Layer-3 audio compression technology licensed byFraunhofer IIS, THOMSON multimedia

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