Portal Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Exiting a lift to enter a new test chamber.
You will have to fling yourself for this one.
You will have to guide the Energy Pellet to the port.
Here you jump on the platforms.
These turrets shoot at you, also they sound cute :)
A test subject went insane and left all sorts of hidden messages.
This is my personal favorite puzzle.
Oh, there I am.
It's usually a good idea to observe the environment before blasing random portals.
These walls can't hold portals.
A more advanced test chamber
Helpful symbols before entering a level.
Your lovely weighted companion cube
The test chambers look perfectly clean, but there is a lot of mess behind the scenes.
The promise of cake is overwhelming.
A narrow escape
Now you find yourself in a run-down factory looking area, with GlaDOS taunting you.
Inside one of the transportation tubes
A more advanced turret
Deep inside the Aperture Science complex
Look for these tags indicating the right way
Me, myself and my portal gun
Take down these cameras to complete an achievement.
Maybe Black Mesa... Ha ha fat chance!
Play advanced bonus maps after finishing the game.
Meet GlaDOS. You don't like her. Her feelings are mutual.
The Cake is a lie
Radio which plays the ending theme jingle.
You've been watched
Messages from previous test subjects?
"Wanted-The Big Bad Jelly Fish" ?