Postal²: Apocalypse Weekend Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
The Difficulty levels.
Ooh ooh! I want to see Sperms of Endearment!
Comic Book Guy finally sold the The Android's Dungeon and got a real job.
Don't want to play that...
The walls are melting again!
Truly "Land's End".
I don't wanna die...sometimes wish I'd never been born at all.
Al Qaeda's not offended for any religious reasons. They just really like cows.
He will. He will rock you.
That's one ugly...something.
An attacking tornado cat and one of the new weapons: a machete
Killing some mad cow infected bulls
It's raining blood
Killed by an angry elephant
Demon Colemans!!
With the machete or the scythe you can chop off arms, legs and heads
Sniping some zombies
Mad cow infected tourette zombies!!